The Forgotten Section / The Swatch & Tyke House

Author: Ntwrkguy / Control , Date Posted: 2005-06-19 22:27:58
BY: ntwrkguy
Surprisingly, the weather on this night was tolerable. Usually, this means that what is below the surface will be tolerable, if you're used to Phoenix weather with 115 degree high temperatures. This was not the case. It was cooler down here than up above. It was a whole different world.

You have to be paranoid, you have to be aware, and you have to go with the mindset that you belong. This is how we went.

As you walk down the staircase of maybe 3 flights if I remember correctly, you are greeted with a massive "mezzanine" like space. After further investigation of this 60somewhat degree space, we spotted a staircase into the provisional trackbed. Walking along the trackbed, and later the trackshelf, little details could be noticed. Electrical rooms with sliding doors were well thought out and planned. Provisions for signal relay rooms were present. And of course, the signature mark of a recently built tunnel, the red trackshelf handrail.

This section of tunnel is one of the few built sections of tunnel for a subway line that if built, hell might in fact freeze over (which would put the Plumbers Local 666 up at the Teamsters level). In the '70s, the city was so set on building this line, that with the construction of an apartment building came this section of tunnel.

BY: Control
This tunnel belongs to Swatch and Tyke. Period. At least that's my take on it. Swatch and Tyke are two NYC graff writers who got into this spot before anyone else did and owned it with big ass fill in tags. This is a perfect example of how graffiti artists sometimes cross that line into exploring and in this case, that certainly is not a bad thing. You gotta give respect where it's due.

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