Author: Controll , Date Posted: 2005-08-26 11:27:48
When Revs was finally busted, suspiciou immediately centered on Ader. Now I don't know the full story, nor do I much care to, but pretty much every person I've spoken - all well respected cats mind you, some of whom don't hang together at all - all place the blame on Ader as being a Rat.

Rats are highly disliked in the graff world, to say the least. If I were Ader, I'd be watching my ass right now. Hell, I'd move out of NYC like that turncoat loser Sammy the Bull(shitter). Squealing like a bitch to save your ass might save you from the law, but it won't save you from the lawless.

That said, let's get to the meat of this mission: Tunnels, graff, provisions, and other obscure shit.

For example, here we have a typical mainline subway tunnel. Busy spot. Maybe halfway in you find an emergency exit, and next to that a big ass room and above that, what looks like space for a provision or some sort. It's probably just a vent shalf, but you look at the photo and you do the math.

Also down here you have your typical Revs page, and then something not so typical... an Ader page.

yes, the rat himself whipped up a little paragraph of text to stick on the wall. Want to read it? Go find it, or wait for the unholy ltv bible to come out. Strangely, it appears that Revs signed it for ader, using aders name - tho the rest is written clearly in NotRevs handstyle.

Back at the station, we find a Rat at the top of the stairs. It looks at us for a brief second of boldness, then turns and runs knowing we might kick it. Grab it by the tail and throw it.

And that's all there is to say. I found this whole damned tunnel to be ironic in retro...

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