Abandoned Railroad Drawbridge

Author: Control , Date Posted: 2006-01-23 22:32:47
This drawbridge is shocking. It is, simply stated, a strange rusted iron erection upon an otherwise flat landscape. It is so large in terms of structure and height that I bet 2/3rds of the people who bear witness to this rude monster even realize that it is abandoned and has most likely protruded the sky in it's rigimortous state for a good 20-30 years now. The tracks on either end are either ripped out or buried, hiding the fact that this bridge was once a key part of a viable passenger and freight railroad.

3/1/2006 -- Update ->
Here's a few more factoids about this bridge that have either been sent in or found online since this was posted:

According to one person who grew up near the bridge: " The last Freight to roll over the NX bridge was in December of '77. Prior to that there was a day shift operator assigned to the bridge Monday to Friday. One day he was given orders to report to the yard office for a new assignment, and that was that. The bridge spent most of that winter (77-78) intact, but once the weather got warmer, and word got out that the bridge was not being used, it fast become a hangout and that when most of the equipement was destroyed. "

Also, word is that there was a fire that damaged several of the controls for the operation of the bridge. Fire damage is plainly visiable, at least to the crossties on the lead to the bridge.

The last passenger train apparently ran in October of 1966.

And, as I previously suspected: This was the drawbridge used in the early 1980s "Annie" movie. I recall seeing this when it came out. "Annie" (or a stunt double" actually climbs the bridge at the end of the movie while trying to get away from the bad guys...

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