Night Court
The mere mention of the term 'Night Court' reminds me right away of that ancient old sitcom about the wacky antics that took place in an NYC Night Court and the reprobates that were either stuck working there or stuck there by the man. It was a pretty damn funny show... maybe in a few years we'll laugh about this trip?

Everything started innocent enough. Getting in was easier than I'd expected, and the building itself is structurally in pretty great shape, despite some minor fire damage. They just don't build them like they used to. Long hallways, wide open rooms, all seemed perfect...

Then we entered one courtroom. Light was coming in from a hole in the cinderblocked windows, yet it was casting some dark shadows all around. There were 3 people on this little trip (one of whom being Mike of Satan's Laundromat fame - which is one damn good photoblog site...), and as I set up my mini tripod to get a good shot I heard a loud yelp and a heavy thud. Looking over, where there were two people there was now just one... (that being Mike, with our unnamed friend now MIA)

For the briefest of moments there I thought he had fallen all the way through 20 feet or so down to the next floor. Thankfully though, it was just a set of steps in that dark corner that said unnamed person walked backwards into, falling perhaps 6 or 7 feet onto his back. What could have been 20 times worse turned out ok. I think we all dodged a bullet there. getting help wouldn't have been hard but it sure wouldn't be easy to explain away, either.

We continued on, finding loads of cells and strange other hidden things worth seeing... a little more leery of the dark corners...

Simple but elegant 'Courthouse' sign at the front door.


Gated Doorways

Towards the front door

Craptastic basement

Grand hallways

Big ass doorways and ceilings

Cells. Toilet.

Anyone else notice something wrong with this cell? Like the big ladder in the hole in the wall in the back, perhaps???!!!

Let's see that Exterior again, shall we?

This is one hell of a building...

Notice dated 1975 in regard to a fitness program being offered at the Police Academy for all officers,,,

Pipo from 164th street - Holding Cell Graffiti, usually names and street numbers, as was the style of those times (many early graffiti writers came out with their name and the street number afterwards as their tag).

Gamblers and Adolescents, Second Floor. Sounds like a party!

Ornate front door off it's hinges behind cinderblocked doorway.

Craptastic Basement Entrance

Court Room

Grand stairs at either end of the main hallway

Drunk Tank

Ladder behind cells goes to the basement up the entire height of the building. This crawlspace is the first of it's kind that I've ever seen with a ladder in it (saw one at the NJ Jail - but that was for toilets)

Another court room. No lights from the ceilings...

How am I doing?