The Ghost of Staten Island's North Shore Transit line.

(for a bit more 411 concerning Staten Islands' abandoned North Shore RR, check out our previous visit, Here, and this informative forgotten-ny page.

In an out of the way rail yard where the trees grow through the tracks...

Anicent 'staten island' lettering shows through the faded paint.

Shredded straw seat interiors. Comfort and style, a vast difference from today's crappy plastic seats.

Not too far away, we decided to storm troop one of the abandoned elevated stations just for the fuck of it. I forget the name of this one offhand, though it is close to the Bayonne bridge, perhaps 5 or 6 blocks behind the photographer.

One might find this ancient relic.

Big Blue. This car used to be SIRT #353. It is currently on the roster of the NY trolley museum of Kingston, NY, though it has obviously never made it that far. With the tracks damaged further north along the line is is parked on, the only way to remove it would be by truck... At one point, there were 2 or 3 other similar cars parked with this one, all of which eventually made it to museums. The future of 353 though is suspect, at best...

A closer look at the trains underside reveils this surprise -what looks to be a steam locomotive cattle catcher.

This strange room below the platform was the only and most puzzling thing we found...