Sponsored content, period.

We don't do nearly all types of traditional banner ads. They don't work and people hate them. Instead, we offer sponsored content - in the form of custom posts and reviews of products. We do offer sponsorships on a variety of the pages & sections within our site. These sponsorships can also include social media promotion. We only accept sponsors that are relevant to our audiance, interesting, and engaging. We respect our followers, and will not promote anything to them that isn't high quality. We will reject advertising from any individual or organization determined to be associated with conservative politics, hate speech, etc.

We encourage story telling. The best way to engage our audiance is to share an awesome and relatable tale of adventure. Our sponsored articles are published within our normal editorial flow and promoted via dsocial media. Each post is fully shareable and features the same content experience as editorial stories to speak directly with our readers.

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