Does and Don’ts

Who wants to play Bloomberg-opoly?

A few years ago a goon I know created this – I thought it’d be nice to updated it a little and bring back for Bloomberg’s finally few hours in office.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 9.

The history nerds in us just can’t ignore historic photos and amazing slides that are bound for the trash bin. Save the loot!

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 8.

“You gotta treat the job site like it’s a job” Looting is often about disguise – loot your disguises, then loot some more.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 7.

Lighting is highly important while exploring. While we generally favor small LEDs (less weight and more space for looted items), this monster MTA style lantern was not to be missed.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 6.

It is truly hard to go wrong with looted hardware, such as this electronic voltage meter. This nice shiny new item is one of dozens of tools looted and sold this year for valuable cash prizes.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 5.

The 5th day of looting brings to us more old RR manuals and books than you can roast a Rob Ford with. Danke to the Chef for this excellent collection.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 4.

Sometimes it’s not about the dollar value of the loot, and more about what’s in it. This shitty old camera for example sells for maybe 20 bucks – but the photos of your mom on the memory card are fuckin’ priceless.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 3.

LIRR’s Ozone Tower was destroyed decades ago. It’s loot though, lives on.

The 12 Days of Looting 2013 – Day 2.

Fuck mugs and glasses – your not a real explorer unless your cabinets are not full of fun things to drink out of.

And so it begins – The 12 Days of Looting, 2013 Edition.

The 12 days of Xmas are those immediately after “christmas”, ending on the Epiphany. However, since we here at LTV could give a rats ass about religion and magic babies, we enjoy Xing that hippy Jesus right out of his birthday, so we’re going to jump the gun and start celebrating the 12 days.… of […]