The long death of the old Kosciusko Bridge

On the evening of July 25, 2017, the main span of the K bridge was finally lowered onto a barge to be shipped off for recycling. It was an evening ten years in the making.

Borden Avenue Bridge Reconstruction

In 2009, the borden avenue bridge in L.I.C. was in serious trouble.

South Front Street Bridge, Elizabeth, NJ

Since 2011, this Elizabeth, NJ drawbridge has been stuck in the open position – a shining example of government ineptitude out crumbling infrastructure.

LIRR’s LIC Drawbridges

Not abandoned, tho they sure can look it…

Queensborough Bridge Tower Stairs

Plain and simple: The Abandoned Interior Stairs Queensborough Bridge

Hell Gate Bridge

So far as I’m concerned, there is only one bridge in NYC that matters. Only one bridge worth climbing. Only one bridge shrouded in more ghost stories and urban legends than you could fit into a 200 page issue of Weird NJ. Entire movies have been written about this bridge. The Bridge is Hell Gate, […]

Honeywell Avenue Bridge

Original Write up: April 2, 2001 Honeywell Avenue is one long bridge which spans 2 rail yards and the LIRR/Amtrak mainline funnel of tracks from LI and Boston into Manhattan. This generally unnoticed bridge has been abandoned since 1979, and only recently (i.e. – today 4/2/2001) begun to be rebuilt.