Brooklyn’s Abandoned 68th and 75th Police Stations

Along the dark edges of Brooklyn lay two abandoned and derelict police stations. Their fate is, as of this writing, completely uncertain.

NYCHA Auto Graveyard: State Sponsored Blight

For one NYC housing project, it’s the 1970 & 80s all over again.

The abandoned northern end of Bushwick Inlet Park

In 2005, a large swath of the north Brooklyn waterfront was rezoned. To gain community approval for this rezoning, a large 28 acre park surrounding Bushwick Inlet was promised, and never delivered.

Queens Borough Hall Parking Garage

The only reason I bothered to explore this place is because of the political comedy it represents. It also proved to be a fun place to fuck around with crazy light photos, but that’s beside the point.

Flushing Airport, Fire Salvage, and the only NYC Fire Rig to ever be abandoned.

When we went to flushing airport, it was just a few days after the 9/11 attack on the world trade center.

South Front Street Bridge, Elizabeth, NJ

Since 2011, this Elizabeth, NJ drawbridge has been stuck in the open position – a shining example of government ineptitude out crumbling infrastructure.

The Mary Murray

Here are some words you don’t want to hear someone yelling at you on a Sunday morning at 9AM: “Hey! You were down in the marina! Stay right there I’m calling the police”.

The abandoned Willow Lake trail, in Flushing Meadow Corona Park.

(Scroll down for the complete report) – with update! You’re probably asking yourself why The LTVSquad, a group & website dedicated to sneaking into abandoned buildings and tunnels – is featuring a post about an abandoned park trail in Queens. Why would we spend our time at such a place? The answer is simple: we’re […]

Behind Grand Central Terminal’s Massive Tiffany Clock

This is the largest Tiffany clock in the world. Measuring 14 feet in diameter and constructed of stained glass, It is a priceless one of a kind gem. It’s also nearly impossible to get behind.

Fallenville High

The town of South Fallenville is a barren wasteland. Storefronts are empty, residents survive off government benefits – many have no cars, and with no public transportation, they have no means of escape.