The demolished Astoria Presbyterian Church

The Astoria Presbyterian church was located on 33rd street, near 31st avenue. It was demolished in 2010.

St. Saviours: The Historic Church that the NYC Government refused to save.

10 years ago, the NYC government had an opportunity to save a historic church in Maspeth, Queens. Nearly every elected official involved either dropped the ball or did not care.

LIC Elks Lodge – Developer Vandalism Edition

In LIC, a new preservation battle has escalated quickly.

The RKO Keith

The RKO Keith is one of NYC’s most infamous abandoned buildings.

Miami Marine Stadium

An abandoned stadium with awesome views of downtown Miami? Sure.

Shul Daze

Loshon Hora, Chillul Hashsem, and a Cherem from the Dept. of Buildings

Hotbox Stripclub

Naughty Times at Pole Dance High

McCarren Pool 1980s Graffiti Exposed

When we first entered the former locker room areas of McCarren Pool, I was most pleased at this discovery. It is and was probably the most impressive graffiti discovery of 2010, period. While I know that is a huge, huge statement to make, you really must understand what we have here in these photos to […]


The Abandonment of God