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Astoria Mountain Park: An idea whose time has come.

March 10th, 2014

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On the northeast border of Astoria, there is a forest covered urban mountain whose origins are shrouded in mystery. This would make a great location for a very unique new park. Unfortunately though, this forest and ‘mountain’ may be bulldozed soon.

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The LTV Guide to Looting Heat

January 19th, 2014




The abandoned Willow Lake trail, in Flushing Meadow Corona Park.

May 15th, 2013

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(Scroll down for the complete report) – with update!

You’re probably asking yourself why The LTVSquad, a group & website dedicated to sneaking into abandoned buildings and tunnels – is featuring a post about an abandoned park trail in Queens. Why would we spend our time at such a place? The answer is simple: we’re looking for the money, and we’re looking for answers.
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‘Queensway’ – So much for democracy?

December 26th, 2012

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Here is a story that will frustrate anyone who has ever been tasked with trying to get to JFK airport from anywhere in NYC. Instead of reusing a branch of the LIRR which was shut down back in the 1962 (when LIRR was the red-headed stepchild of the Pennsylvania railroad – which looted its cash), the current governor of New York is backing a plan to convert the tracks into a park.
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Freight Rail ‘detour’ in Queens: A Bad Idea.

November 25th, 2012

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Over the last few years a group of NIMBYS in central Queens have been basically advocating for the eradication of rail freight through Queens. The people behind this campaign seem to live close to Fresh Pond Yard (which has been a rail yard since at least 1906). After years of freight rail decline and the lost of the large ‘Yard A’ classification yard in L.I.C. (which will become a passenger rail yard in support of the ESA project) the LIRR outsourced its freight operations to a small startup railroad (New York & Atlantic) which has aggressively and successfully marketed its services. The growth of their business has made Fresh Pond yard busier than it has been in the last 20 years.
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Hurricane Sandy Part 1

November 17th, 2012

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On the one hand you could say these are not ‘exploring’ photos. On the other hand there is the fact that they were nearly all taken in Rockaway just after the sun rose on the Tuesday morning after the super-high tide brought in by Hurricane Sandy caused so much destruction. At the time, NYPD was blocking all non first responders from entering the peninsula. Quite literally we had to sneak onto the peninsula when there was a momentary shift change at the bridge checkpoint.

What we found you can see in the photos above, though photos can never grasp the smells of still smoldering fires, the eerie silence only being broken by harsh gusts of wind tossing debris through the streets and the sirens of fire trucks racing to and from the main land to refuel.

Rockaway, as we knew it, is no more. What reminds is a flooded out mess. Residents will have to decide if it’s worth the thousands of dollars to fix each home, in face of the scientific fact that the ocean is rising and global warming will eventually put the entire peninsula under water – perhaps sooner than later.

Post-Sandy Ft. Tilden exposes old WW2 Relics

November 11th, 2012

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As a thank you to veterans I offer this photo: what you’re looking at is most likely a very very old (WW1) machine gun placement I stumbled across today at the old Ft. Tilden (on Rockaway) – This concrete foundation has been under sand for decades, and Hurricane Sandy washed away all of that sand covering it. It lasted through the storm (along with all the other old bunkers) even while the road along the beach crumbled away and is now completely destroyed. The dune that separated the road from the beach has also completely washed away.

As for this gun placement – let’s just say it was built to last by men that didn’t compromise.

This gun placement was one of two, connected to the bunker seen in the above photos – and was known as ‘Battery Kessler’. We’ll be posting a whole lot about Ft. Tilden sometime in the next year.

The bunkers at Ft. Tilden also survived, all very much intact. As you can see one of them (directly behind the gun turret) now has trees stuffed in it from the water that flowed through.

The storm also up/uncovered a long stick of railroad track. This likely came from somewhere on the Tilden property, given how old it looks and the fact that Ft. Tilden once had it’s own military railroad. In different areas this long buried track is also now exposed, revealing rotted out cross-ties and rusted railroad spikes.

More on that in the coming months when we give a deeper dive into Ft. Tilden history.

Reading Viaduct

September 24th, 2012

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Chartered in 1833, the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad was constructed to provide service between the two namesake cities following roughly parallel to the Schuylkill River.   Full service to Philadelphia began in 1839 operating out of a depot near Broad and Cherry Streets.  This was replaced in 1859 with a new terminal at Broad and Callowhill.  As the railroad grew in the late 1880’s, expanding to Harrisburg and leasing lines that allowed connections to New York City, the P&R was in need of yet another new terminal.
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Hurricane Irene Aftermath Part 4: JetSki LOOT

August 30th, 2011

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“The Mayor also addressed the possibility of looting: “This is New York. We don’t have that sort of thing…That’s just not the New York of today.”

Sure. I just sold this thing for $300 cold cash!

Hurricane Irene Fri/Saturday – Pregame special

August 27th, 2011

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The air is still, the humidly, oppressive. The 24 hours leading to Hurricane Sunday have been interesting in an urban observation sense, though not really all that interesting from an exploring sense or graffiti sense.

For exploring, with the NYC Subways shut down and being watched over by workers and police, it’s actually significantly harder to pull off an underground mission. Also, since you basically have to break into the system to do it, the charges for being caught down there increase from minor transit violation to felony B&E.

Trains are being stored more on elevated lines than tunnels, so the painting opportunities are few. Painting anything, for that matter, is hard in the rain, unless you’ve got really good paint and it’s not downpouring – so while the empty streets are awesome, the rail kills it.

By the time the storm gets here, it’ll probably be weak, and all this shutting things down will clearly be overkill. Maybe Bloomberg shouldn’t bother trying to play mayor and should have gone to his stupid fucking Bermuda beach house instead. I’d pay good money to see him get washed out to sea.

Given the above, I’ve resolved to just observe the odd sights, and post photos of what’s out there. Here’s round one:

L.I.C. waterfront - a 'zone a' flood zone - all is calm friday evening, few people leaving

Costco Traffic Friday Night. Insane

Costco Traffic Friday Night. Insane

Costco Traffic Friday Night. Insane

best buy ever

Saturday Morning, and grandma is bailing this sinking ship - Zone A, LIC NY

112 in the 108

Zone A, L.I.C. NY

Subway vent plant, covered up and being guarded (employees out of photo)

Waterfront crabhouse boarding, Zone A, L.I.C. NY

ASPCA RMPs moved from their Zone A garage to one of few high points in the area, atop the bump that was the vernon blvd bridge over the LIRR Float Yards

Comminity Policing, or something.

Whoever lives in this camper should move it away from Zone A... maybe?

Normal Traffic, second ave, NYC Saturday morning.

Join Con Ed NYPD stationg area. 'pete's field, 20something and 2nd ave.

Water Gone

Bread Gone

NY1 @ South Ferry

Japanese TV Crew Runs for their lives now that it's actually raining.

Freedom Tower takes shape

Battery Park City, dead streets in this 'madatory evac zone A'

Empty FDR

Not sure what was wrong with this car. Someone was in it. I'm thinking ugly breakup myself. 'Rican flag+Latin Women = Drama

Best Boardup Art of L.I.C.

Streets in LIC Zone A, now kinda empty.

Boards on the INSIDE of the windows = not so smart. Abandoned ladder to power lines - even smarter! Lost Brain Cells Zone, L.I.C. NY. Saturday midday.

Box Store Boxes Up

MTA Shut Down. Not sure the lot has space for all of the buses to be OOS at the same time. NYC Transit never shuts down.

Stored Buses

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