Astoria Mountain Park: An idea whose time has come.

On the northeast border of Astoria, there is a forest covered urban mountain whose origins are shrouded in mystery. This would make a great location for a very unique new park. Unfortunately though, this forest and ‘mountain’ may be bulldozed soon.

The abandoned Willow Lake trail, in Flushing Meadow Corona Park.

(Scroll down for the complete report) – with update! You’re probably asking yourself why The LTVSquad, a group & website dedicated to sneaking into abandoned buildings and tunnels – is featuring a post about an abandoned park trail in Queens. Why would we spend our time at such a place? The answer is simple: we’re […]

‘Queensway’ – So much for democracy?

Here is a story that will frustrate anyone who has ever been tasked with trying to get to JFK airport from anywhere in NYC. Instead of reusing a branch of the LIRR which was shut down back in the 1962 (when LIRR was the red-headed stepchild of the Pennsylvania railroad – which looted its cash), […]

Freight Rail ‘detour’ in Queens: A Bad Idea.

Over the last few years a group of NIMBYS in central Queens have been basically advocating for the eradication of rail freight through Queens. The people behind this campaign seem to live close to Fresh Pond Yard (which has been a rail yard since at least 1906). After years of freight rail decline and the […]

Hurricane Sandy Part 1

On the one hand you could say these are not ‘exploring’ photos. On the other hand there is the fact that they were nearly all taken in Rockaway just after the sun rose on the Tuesday morning after the super-high tide brought in by Hurricane Sandy caused so much destruction. At the time, NYPD was […]

Post-Sandy Ft. Tilden exposes old WW2 Relics

This concrete foundation has been under sand for decades, and Hurricane Sandy washed away all of that sand covering it.

Reading Viaduct

Recent proposals have called for turning this stretch into an elevated park similar to the High Line in NYC. Whether this will become a reality only time can tell….

The Berserkers

When most of you reading this blog hear the word ‘exploring’, you probably default to assuming it’s ‘urban exploring’ – that hobby of going where you’re not suppose to. (I shy away from calling it ‘urban exploring’ because most of the people that call themselves ‘urban explorers’ in the US are not exploring in urban […]


When you go places around town that most people don’t ever get to see, you see the most basic aspects of the city on a whole different level. This post about pigeons is a good example. Recently I took the above photo. I never realized that pigeon parents actually hung out together, mated and raised […]

Barn Owls: More UE than You.

While out for a stroll in Gateway park we came across this delightfully creepy sign. Let’s go down the checklist: Noctural behavior, hording tendencies, and perchance for spending a lot of time in abandoned building. Sound like anyone you know? The Barn Owl is about as ‘explorer’ as you can get. Not only that, but […]