Chinatown Subway Party: What Comes Next?

Thus past weekend, the legendary Jeff Stark organized a party that was held in the Chinatown segment if the second avenue subway. The NYPD is likely to arrest him and potentially all guests to this event in the coming days, months and even years, depending of course on how bored and desperate they are to […]

Glenwood 2012

The Glenwood power plant has long been a favorite place for us to visit. Abandoned since the 1960s, these massive buildings have deteriorated significantly over the decades.

Subway Madness Ad Campaign Takes No Prisoners!

The reality is, LTVPress is a no-budget operation that can’t afford to advertise anywhere. What money does come in from our publications is funneled directly into new publications, of which there will be some awesome good-cause type books coming up. In the meantime, we still need some press for Subway Madness to bring in that […]

Out Now: Subway Madness

“This book rips the head off transit exploration – there are photos of places in under NYC in here that the MTA doesn’t even know about!” – Midori Amasaki, Prof. of urban history, CUNY Lots of sample photos here: Get yours here. $30!

Photography is now Illegal in Long Beach

Long Beach PD can suck it. The only way anyone is getting my camera is from my cold, dead hands.

LTV / Hate Team in Japan

Big shout out to members of The Hate Team who are currently pillaging the disaster zone in Japan.

Don’t Talk to the Police

No, seriously. Don’t talk to the police. I’m not saying that in an angry punk rock middle-finger-in-the-air-fuck-you-pig kinda way (though not everybody here at LTV is above such behavior). Any good lawyer will tell you not to talk to the police under any circumstances. Though there is plenty to be said for the “Playing stupid” […]

DA throws book at Bridge Climbing Explorers

Just a quick update on a story we reported on last week. It seems the DA’s office has officially thrown the book at the two ‘urban explorers’ arrested last week for climbing the Williamsburg bridge. Both individuals are now facing a slew of charges, ranging from Felony to Violation. It’s anyone’s guess how this will […]

In Detroit, Boats can Fly

SC knows how to UE the fuck out of everyplace they go.