The Brooklyn Bridge white flags & exploring.


Earlier this week, someone changed the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge – replacing them with white flags of surrender. I don’t care who did it or why. I think it is awesome that they did. It’s a fun prank that harmed absolutely no one and is certainly not worth all the slow-news-week press it […]

Motorcycle Anarchy fixed in one easy step.


The cure to crazy motorcyclists swarming the roads of NYC is simple: let them have a Sunday morning to go for a drive free of car traffic.

10 Years ago: 2003 Blackout


Ten years ago this week, during a typical summer afternoon, NYC was plunged into darkness. It soon became obvious that the lights were not coming back on anytime soon.

This photo is too amazing not to be Meme’d


This morning Gothamist posted this news story, and immediately, I knew what needed to be done.

Chinatown Subway Party: What Comes Next?

Thus past weekend, the legendary Jeff Stark organized a party that was held in the Chinatown segment if the second avenue subway. The NYPD is likely to arrest him and potentially all guests to this event in the coming days, months and even years, depending of course on how bored and desperate they are to […]

NYC Industrial Map Initiative


It is with great pleasure that I announce our new NYC Industrial Map Initiative. At the very heart of this initiative is a map which shows 50 NYC area industrial locations – the majority of which are factories that no longer exist. Each pin on the map brings you a detailed write up and photos […]

The Scandal At Willow Lake, NYC Parks Department partially reopens the ‘Pat Dolan’ trail.

The path comes to an abrupt dead end.

I found out via Queens Crap on Sunday that The NYC Parks Department reopened Willow Lake Trail on weekends, effective immediately. They must have been really busy these last 2 weeks. As we recently reported, Willow Lake Trail has basically been abandoned for the last 15 years.

10 most disgusting abandoned places in NYC.

While discussing a recent buzzfeed post about ‘33 beautiful abandoned places‘, and one from covering ‘majestic abandoned power stations‘, we joked that if someone made a similar post about NYC, it would need to have a different, more disturbing theme. I then smacked myself in the forehead and realized I absolutely had to do […]

98 years ago today, a subway tunneling accident made Richard Creedon an NYC Legend.

This should totally be reenacted.

Today marks the 98th anniversary of one of the most unique events in NYC Subway Tunnel history. On this day in 1905, a man was accidentally shot like a canon out of the present day 4/5 line subway tunnel under NY Harbor and into the air. He survived.