Don’t lose your head.

Click to see it big – bigger is better. It’s finally hot out, and roads of NYC are a fucking mess because that asshole Mayor of ours doesn’t know how to fix a fucking pothole, or send an ambulance for that matter. NYPD response time? 10 minutes. EMT response time? 30 minutes. And this lunatic […]

Dead on the D line

Potential Graffiti Writer/explorer killed by the D train in Brooklyn.

Bushwick Trailer Park

Brooklyn Trailer Park Commune trailers on the street in Greenpoint.

UE KINGZ: Enter The Manhole

That quote is 200% Approved by me! LOL!

2011 Blog – what to expect.

2011 Will see a lot more of what we introduced on this blog in 2010, and a whole lot more. New stuff to expect: 1) More nerdism. Expect random ‘off topic’ (the usual topic here being exploring, graffiti, and history – nyc history in particular) science and technology posts. We live in a world that […]

106 Years ago today, General Slocum Disaster.

106 years ago today, the General Slocum, a rather large ferry boat, burned up while passing through Hell Gate – the portion of the east river along today’s Astoria Park. All told, 1,021 perished out of the original 1,358 who boarded the ship that morning. But there were miracles. One little boy was thrown into […]

Single Ski Masked Freak Seeks Love and Crime

What would an explorer’s post to a singles website read / look like. For extra added comedy value we went so far as to set up this fake profile on a singles site (click for a bigger version to read): The theme of the post was to really piss off a large number of women […]

China’s subway building madness.

“You solicit views, you apply for approval and then you just do it,” Zhang Zhenbang, vice general director of Shenyang Metro. “London needed more than a hundred years to build up its metro, but we’ll need less than half that in China.” Commentary: China has loads of money to build subways all over the place. […]

Can Dump Trucks Fly?

Detroit is Hell, but it’s a highly entertaining hell at that. I’m seriously amazed that this story has made the Wall Street Journal. Good stuff guys, good stuff.