The government officially calls explorers and graffiti artists ‘terrorists’.

It took them a long time to get to it, but the US government has finally taken the leap and called explorers and graffiti artists ‘terrorists’.

LIC’s Wheelspur Yard / Poultry Market – Past, Present & Future

The tuesday morning after Hurricane Sandy's high tide shows the building flooded out

On the north shore of Newtown creek lays a plot of land with a strangely unique history – a place that was once a rail yard, then a poultry market and later an office for small businesses and other food distributors. All of these are gone now, and soon this land will become a rail yard once again.

How to signal to an NYC subway to stop (in case of emergency)


As part of our evolving nerd ‘how to’ series, we felt it highly relevant to post this handy insiders guide on how to signal to a subway driver to stop an oncoming, moving the train from the platform.

Glenwood 2012

Looking up at the front.

The Glenwood power plant has long been a favorite place for us to visit. Abandoned since the 1960s, these massive buildings have deteriorated significantly over the decades.

Hurricane Sandy Part 2, one week later.

Home by the sea.

At this point it had been nearly a week since I was on Rockaway. it was a week without work, spent mostly poking around the house and shooting scenes from the Manhattan Blackout (subject of a post to come).

Post-Sandy Ft. Tilden exposes old WW2 Relics


This concrete foundation has been under sand for decades, and Hurricane Sandy washed away all of that sand covering it.

Post Sandy: The Rockaway Shuttle Shuffle


With no subway cars left on the Rockaway Peninsula post-Hurricane Sandy (they were all moved north before the storm), and the tracks past the viaduct in Ozone Park washed out, the MTA has begun lifting and moving 2 or 3 sets of subway cars to Rockaway for use on a shuttle run along the intact […]

LTV Press Blowout Pre-Holiday Sale


Get your Xmas shopping done well in advance buy scooping up these LTV Press books at nearly 40% off – and did I mention they’re can be signed, personalized and awesomeized?! To sweeten the deal we’re throwing in free slaps! But don’t sit on your obese ass – this deal only lasts until this friday […]

Welcome to the UE KINGZ Clip show

Random, just how we like it.