Reopen Closed LIC & Williamsburg Fire Houses

May 18th, 2015

Crew quarters
The abandoned FDNY Engine 212 firehouse in 2006.

Over the last 10 years, Long Island City (LIC), Williamsburg and Greenpoint transformed from neglected low-population industrial neighborhoods to tightly packed thriving residential areas. Dozens of factories and warehouses have been replaced with high rise apartment buildings. Basic NYC government services have not kept pace with the growing population, and one of the most overlooked and life threatening of those services is the NYC fire department.

Forget the air train or a subway extension – build a Busway from Manhattan to LaGuardia

February 6th, 2015

The idea:
We should build an entirely new bus-only (or maybe light rail) route to LaGuardia (LGA). (more…)

Backpack ban? #MTAOffMyBack !

November 18th, 2014

On November 17, 2014, MTA board member Charles Moerdler stated "I’d like to ban them, frankly",

10 years ago today we took on the MTA & NYPD and won.

June 5th, 2014

In the late spring of 2004, the NYC MTA considered banning all photography in and around the subway system. They did so at the request of the NYPD, who grew afraid that terrorists were documenting the subway system to plan future terror attacks.

We found this notion to be paranoid and dangerous - an infringement upon our constitutional rights. Criminalizing photography? No way. We immediately decided to hold a protest.

The RKO Keith

April 21st, 2014

The RKO Keith is one of NYC's most infamous abandoned buildings.


Astoria Mountain Park: An idea whose time has come.

March 10th, 2014

On the northeast border of Astoria, there is a forest covered urban mountain whose origins are shrouded in mystery. This would make a great location for a very unique new park. Unfortunately though, this forest and 'mountain' may be bulldozed soon.


Who wants to play Bloomberg-opoly?

December 30th, 2013

A few years ago a goon I know created this - I thought it'd be nice to updated it a little and bring back for Bloomberg's finally few hours in office.

Motorcycle Anarchy fixed in one easy step.

October 2nd, 2013

The cure to crazy motorcyclists swarming the roads of NYC is simple: let them have a Sunday morning to go for a drive free of car traffic.

The Triboro RX: An RX for disaster.

August 22nd, 2013

Do you want to see the city spend 10s of millions of dollars condemning hundreds family homes? Would you like to see severe service disruptions to the N and Q lines in Queens, including a potential full closure (to last months, or years) of the entire route between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars blvd? Do you want to pay more in taxes to have your household trash trucked out of NYC? Or perhaps even see the reopening of the Staten Island landfill? Do you want to pay more for everything from Chinese food to plywood at Home Depot, and even higher rents in new buildings?

If the 'Triboro RX' subway line were to be built, all of the above would happen. This might sound like hyperbole, but when you take a serious look at the facts I'm going to lay out, you'll see what I mean.

A simple way to fix “Stand Your Ground”

August 13th, 2013

I propose an amazingly simple amendment to Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. Everyone learned it in grade school or with your siblings: It is simply called 'You Started it". If you start some shit, and there is clear evidence that you did (like a call to a 911 dispatcher who tells you to back the fuck off and let the cops deal with it but you go all mercenary anyway), then everything that happens from that moment forward is your fault. You start a fight with someone and kill them? Jail for life.

Actually, fuck that, death sentence.

This law is so utterly brilliant in its simplicity that it should be used on a national level.

If your momma didn't teach you not to start fights (especially ones you can't handle), you deserve a long time in a cell or worse.