Complete abandoned subway stations

The abandoned City Hall BMT station (Lower Level) – 2004

The abandoned lower level platform at City Hall is the only abandoned subway station in NYC that is used to store subway trains.

Abandoned 63rd street platform & Mezzanine, Circa 2004

An early morning walk, leading to never seen before discoveries.

The abandoned Canal Street J/M/Z platform

For whatever reason I’ve never bothered to post photos of this station, despite myself and Ntwrkguy being the first to explore the place mere hours after it closed.

Bergen Lower Level, 2013

The lower level of Bergen Street Station in Brooklyn is a long ‘abandoned’ mess.

Abandoned Bowery Side Platform, 2012

Revisiting one of NYC’s most recently abandoned stations.

Winfield: Scunthole’s Lair 2012

The winfield is one of the largest stretches of ‘abandoned’ tunnel within the NYC subway system today.

9th Ave Lower

The lost level of workbum hell

The Underbelly Project

Gallery Unknown 2