Video DJ Thursday

In lew of an actual post i’m directing your attention to this vid. Abandoned buildings, graffi, crazy effects, not terribly shabby on the song side either. TODOR & PETRU from CRCR on Vimeo.

New UEKingz video drops NOW!

These guys are fucking nuts! Sick tunnel footage, though I doubt that’s what everyone will be talking about!

Subway Waterfall

Comments say it all really.

Subway Tunnel Driving

Oh those wacky Austrians. Next time I’m over there I’m getting Fovs crew to go for a drive with me…

Max Deadlock Obtained?

Deadlock? Fuck that, the subway displays should be showing max DETHKLOK!!!

Mole person taken for a ride

This video isn’t too amazing in and of itself, but the story that the TO (Train Operator) stopped and picked this guy up in the middle of the tunnel is pretty cool.

Ninja Night around the McCarren Diving Pool Tunnel

Just for fun, here’s a quick run around the tunnel looping around the bottom of what was the diving pool. Acoustics down here are really something. The ‘Ninja’s’ tag is from the 1980s. Not sure who wrote ‘1950’ on the wall next to it but it’s a safe assumption that given it’s style and the […]