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Lush is at it again.

March 18th, 2011

FOLLOW THIS from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

Amazing Graffiti / UE video.

Painting High, Getting Low

March 3rd, 2011

Well that didn’t take long. It seems some reprobates went and painted the previously clean walls of the highest low point.

That Tyke & Tilt 182 fill were not there. These MFers are known for hitting spots no one else has looked at.

Lame Transit Post of the Week

March 1st, 2011

They should run this commercial here in NYC so the politicians can shit themselves.

Coke Zero Graffiti from Ooops Agency on Vimeo.

Via these freaks.

Maksim Gelman’s many Flickr accounts and YouTube appearance.

February 18th, 2011

thumb image

All week I’ve been getting reports of Maksim Gelman’s various flickr accounts. In the graffiti world, he was slightly known by his tag names: Max, Wes, and WS.

In 2007-2008 he created at least 4 flickr accounts:

“Couch Bombay’ – (Created: March 2008)
‘Maxwell’ – (Created: January 2008)
‘MaxerBlaster’ (Created: February 2008)
‘BentleyBK31’ – (Created: March 2009)
’23allisee’ – (Created: September 2007 )

Something to note about all of these accounts: None of them listed any contacts, and most photos seemed to have minimal views (0-20 tops, few comments), so no one was really looking at them much (thought that will likely change in the coming days I’d imagine)

This account may have been one of his as well:
(Created: Feb 2008 – same time frame as the others). It features no photos and only seemed to be used to comment on the accounts above. Fake keyboard commando beef? Could be.

The scant few comments that were in some of the photos seem to show the same amount of beef with other writers he found on the freight tracks of Brooklyn. Here’s 2 examples:

(Now, I know what you guys out there are thinking – look at that ass – so here it again, zoomed in. Here’s a good a place as any to note that Max seemed to hang out with this girl for a minute. We can only assume whoever she is, she’s counting her blessing today, and could probably make some coin talking to the press at the moment)

He also loved the Beef on everyone’s favorite Tagpage Replacement (who here recalls tagpage?!)

On a more comical side, one of his profile pages states he had it on auto login so he wouldn’t loose the password again. This probably explains why he had so many flickr accounts, though it doesn’t explain at all why he didn’t just use password recovery. I’d imagine he changed email addresses often as well.

Now on to his YouTube appearance:

Max seemed to hang with the Acid crew on occasion – he even makes an appearance in a trailer for their dvd, which is still on youtube as of today (2/18/2011), here:
Wes/max is from 0:39 – 1:05

Just to round things off, in case you missed it, one commenters thinks he’s hot:

Disclaimer: We here at LTV are not accountable for the apparent depravity of some commenters.

Reminds me of that chick who married Richard Ramirez, the LA ‘Nightstalker’.

This wraps up todays (and this week’s) Maksim coverage. I hate to say it but we’ll probably hear more about this cat in the future as he goes to trial, etc. Much thanks to T, Julie & Indent for pointing more towards most of this.

UE KINGZ: Enter The Manhole

February 9th, 2011

That quote is 200% Approved by me! LOL!


February 8th, 2011

thumb image

The morece-code bat fone just went off and this was the translated message: “New video with the UE KINGZ dropping within 24 hour

Have your pants ready.


February 4th, 2011

80’s cartoons are so much more on point these days!

Drop off kids, go to Jail

January 27th, 2011


On the one hand, yeah I get it. Someone calls in for back up, you show up not knowing the details, see your fellow boys in blue in a bind and and you do what you must to take control. But on the other hand, if what they’re saying is true, and this guy was just dropping his kids off, got a ticket and ripped up – what, exactly, is the fuck? Parents drop off their kids at every school in NYC, and it’s not illegal to stop for a minute or two and do this.

This is straight up quota bullshit at its worse. is down a boatload of money due to snow days affecting parking ticket revenue. It’s entirely likely the quota for tickets is up to make up for some of that. What money they hoped to earn off this was just flushed away as I’m quite sure this guy will sue the city and at least get the standard settlement, which is way, way more than the cost of a ticket.

When discretion dies at the hands of quotas, so too does civility, justice and freedom. Our city is bankrupted by lawsuits over such things (I believe the tally is at least 1 Billion over the last 10 years). Quotas are mandates from terrorists, and the NYPD Brass dictating such nonsense are the biggest terrorists in NYC – terrorizing parents and the general population with over regulation and physical assault to those who refuse to comply with tyranny. This is NYC 2011.

And what’s with the cop with the mohawk, anyway?

OMG, Open Door!

January 26th, 2011

thumb image

People are crying about this video all over the nyc media interwebs today. What a bunch of pansys. I’m sure many of us recall a time not all that long ago when subway end doors were routinely wedged open to clear out the smell of bum juice. Kids used to surf the sides of trains, ride dirty on the edge of the rear car, and surf the roof of the A going over Jamaica Bay (look out for that bridge!). One broken open door for one stop on a not terribly crowded train should not freak anyone out that much. The only good thing here is riders were smart enough not to pull the emergency brake wasting everyone’s time.

Does anyone else find this pansyfied version of NYC more disturbing than the video?


January 24th, 2011

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Scandal time: possible unauthorized fan made UE KINGZ video? Hot! They looted looter music!