Graffiti and Exploring in NYC have been joined at the hip since the very beginning. Graffiti writers explored tunnels to find trains to tag, and industrial areas for buildings to practice painting in.

While we document this relationship, we also specialize in following graffiti on NYC's freight trains and tracks - an aspect of the hobby that was virtually ignored by photographers and blogs until we released 'Brooklyn Queens Freight' and 'Yard Job NYC'.


What’s an F5?

With apologizes to Mr Grant… This one is too funny not to post.

F5 Hotness

Sure does take a hot girl to make that old ass F5 throwy worth looking at!

I have no idea who took this photo, or where. I’m not really surprised though. That F5 a-hole sure did get up all over before moving back to the Ukraine.

GraffBeer Bag

This new bag is somewhat ridiculous, yet makes total sense.

Holds 8 spraycans in a fully lined faux-fur front compartment.As well as outside hidden Skateboard Straps

On the inside compartment: Holds an additional 2 spraycans, compartments for your tips & markers, as well as laptop compartment (measurements 11″ x 18″).

I don’t get the laptop compartment part – unless you’re aiming to upload photos online immediately after you do your thing… you still need a good camera though, and there doesn’t sound like there’s a pocket for that.

Some of the can slots can easily be used to hold beer though, so maybe these things even out?

This is not a subway tunnel

Sexy Subway Graffiti Model from Marvin Suarez on Vimeo.

“It was filmed in the deep tunnels of the New York Subway system.”

C’mon! Are you fucking shitting me? This is a very well known AMTRAK tunnel that is VERY ACCESSIBLE. It’s not even deep underground – it’s basically in the basement of a building.

There’s no reason to lie about this. The general public won’t know the difference and still think it’s a badass video.

I really, really hate when people try to play off things as being more hardcore than they are. I know this whole ‘ue’ thing is oh so cool now, but please, trying to fake the fuck is bad form no matter what game you’re playing. At least get the girl to loose some clothes if you’re gunna put this out there…

I’m not even going to get into the Krylon, yellow no less. I could piss on the wall and … [ read more ]

Keeping Up Kontrol

Kontrol is by far the coolest movie featuring the Budapest underground you could ever hope for. If you’re a subway tunnel dwelling freak, you need to see this. Period.

The soundtrack ain’t bad either – here’s a video from it…


This is some ridiculous style right here.

80s Times Square Subway Video

Great variety in this video. Everything from clean ‘new R44/46’ cars to tagged up whitewashed IRT cars. Plus the fashion show is a bit funny as well.


Talking Trash

WM’s trash cars finally are getting serious paint.

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