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5ptz demo from high aboveLight - Bombing NYC Subway TunnelsGive a man a mask and he will give you the truth.New York Dock Co. Warehouse3 guys at 5 guysNYC's last active wooden subway cars going to scrap - 2001.MOAR POWA (5ptz roof)Dro & Sane RedbirdSoel. Abandoned Subway Stop, Bronx NYAbandoned Movie Theater, NYCBlank


This is some ridiculous style right here.

80s Times Square Subway Video

Great variety in this video. Everything from clean ‘new R44/46’ cars to tagged up whitewashed IRT cars. Plus the fashion show is a bit funny as well.


Talking Trash

WM’s trash cars finally are getting serious paint.

Gas Tank Wall

A new wall along a park where there were once large gas storage tanks has become a very attractive canvas for some top notch NYC Graffiti artists.


F5’s new ride

I was driving through hell the other day and came across F5’s new ride.

Word is F5 now weights in around 350lb so the back will probably be converted to a flatbed to ride on Jabba style. (OH SHIT!)

Sex On Fridays GAS

Abandoned Gas Station has become a bombed out wreck. Since this spot is way more graffiti than anything exploring related we’re dropping the photos in ye ole’ tagbomb.



Sex On Fridays Gas

I’m calling this one SOF gas in tribute to the NE Queens writers that ripped the face off this spot.

Abandoned for a few years now, this gas station is prime real estate for viewing graffiti from passing subways, as well as a reat place for an improved game of drunken soccer on a Saturday night.

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