Graffiti and Exploring in NYC have been joined at the hip since the very beginning. Graffiti writers explored tunnels to find trains to tag, and industrial areas for buildings to practice painting in.

While we document this relationship, we also specialize in following graffiti on NYC's freight trains and tracks - an aspect of the hobby that was virtually ignored by photographers and blogs until we released 'Brooklyn Queens Freight' and 'Yard Job NYC'.


We’ve concentrated a lot on photos on this site, and rarely if ever have we posted videos. That’s going to slowly change – starting…. now!

Below you’ll find a mildly silly clip from a recent all night trip under the bowels of Manhattan.

New from LTVPress – Yard Job NYC

As you may or may not know, We here at LTV have our own publishing wing cranking out the occasional underground completely DIY publications. We don’t do it so much for the profit as for the desire to document various exploring related aspects of NYC life in print form for generations to come. That said – here’s some 411 on our latest: Yard Job NYC

NYC: It’s where modern day graffiti went from chicken scratch to full blown art form during the most improbable of times.

Rail Yards: Much like the subway yards before them, the freight yards of NYC have become a proving ground for a new generation of writers.

Yard Job NYC is the only book that documents this relatively obscure through thriving graffiti scene. nowhere else will you find old school cats like Chino, Wolf, Smith, Trap, and Zephyr crushing cars illegally, along side newer writers – Noxer, Staer, Celf, Muk… Completely devoid … [ read more ]

Survivor Seeks Companion

Even homeless people need love.

This sign is posted by a spot where a survivor of urban warfare has been living on the street for at least a year now. Hard time that seemingly hasn’t changed either his sense of humor or sense of hope & need for some lovin’.

20 Years Later

Manhattan, NYC


In 1990 you could take this photo in open air daylight.


To get the same shot at the same place today, standing as close to the same vantage point as the photo above, requires a trip into the underground.

Vancouver Alley Fever

Vancouver is a city of alleys, and it is here where most graffiti seems to thrive. While walls can be relatiely clean, the trash dumpsters most definitely are not.

Vancouver Granville Murals

Vancouver Granville Murals

CSX Southbound

Not a whole lot to say, while out exploring we had to walk down these tracks, sure enough the freight showed up before the hole in the fence so there wasn’t nuthin’ else to do but shoot that motherfucker.

Fortress Ov Solitude. The RTW Layups

I’m not going to say a lot about this place other than I’ve been coming down here for years – not for the fun or adventure, but to get the fuck away from the world above and to read graffiti scrawled on some walls where only the chosen insane few will read a word of it.

Take a ride

Visit the New York Below

You get no sponsorship for putting on these shoes


Quik Xmas with RTW family


[ read more ]

The Bat Cave/Gowanus Canal Graffiti Gallery & Squat

(Writeup from spring, 2013 – Photos and original publication date: 5/25/2006)

In the mid 2000s, a decent portion of my explorations were fueled by a heavy desire to get away from the psychotic women who were desperately trying to cling to me like rats to a life raft as their broken lives went underwater. (Pro tip: never try to save someone drowning from the stupidity of their own bad decisions – they will only drag you down. No good deed ever goes unpunished.)

The first night I went to the bat cave, it was one of those turn off the phone and get away from these demented bitches nights. I was hitting up subway spots around Carroll gardens and figured that a little late night solo rooftoping might be in order as well.

Upon arrival, I found easy parking and a simple entrance to he property. Just hop off the bridge, walk along the shire down a desolate trash filled path, follow that path up to and over a wall – and boom. Your behind the powerhouse.

The amount of … [ read more ]

Revs Journal Pages

It seems like whenever I get into a conversation with anyone about NYC graffiti, Revs comes up. A few more times than I care to recall people have practically foamed at the mouth (like a ‘foamer’ railfan might at the thought of riding a Lo-V) just to discuss his work with anyone that might know a bit more about it- as if to know of it you need a secret decoder ring. When I eventually say something like ‘geez, he’s just a pretty quiet guy with a hell of a work ethic’, then comes the ‘you met him? what the hell is he like? how can I find him’ type questions, at which point I just kick myself for even getting into the conversation to begin with and walk away. I mean, crap, I live a slightly public life. Anyone with half a clue and Google ought to know we were in that same art show back in ’02 (along with a slew of other people who deserve just as many props me thinks). Maybe I’m insane that I expect people to know what’s already out there… maybe no one else reads half as much as I do. Whatever. … [ read more ]

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