Graffiti and Exploring in NYC have been joined at the hip since the very beginning. Graffiti writers explored tunnels to find trains to tag, and industrial areas for buildings to practice painting in.

While we document this relationship, we also specialize in following graffiti on NYC's freight trains and tracks - an aspect of the hobby that was virtually ignored by photographers and blogs until we released 'Brooklyn Queens Freight' and 'Yard Job NYC'.

FR8 Chronicles 35 – Island Stomp 11

Double stacks and mixed cats.
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FR8 Chronicles 34 – Mid afternoon Yard Job

Presented for your approval, all the latest in NYC freight yard fun…
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Blissville Photo Freight

So one day me and The Chef were puttering around town when we came across a freight sitting in Blissville Yard, completely unattended. At the time, the yard was barely being used, so we went in for a closer look at this curious rail attraction.
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LIRR Junk Train at Arch Street

In early 2012 the LIRR stored a string of their M3 type rail cars at the ‘new’ Arch Street shop Get the details —>

FR8 Chronicles 33 – Bushmaster 5: Needz Moar Carz

Practically empty layups are boring. Tags though, are fucking awesome.
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FR8 Chronicles 32 – Island Stomp 10

Someone shoulda got to those bilevels…
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FR8 Chronicles 31 – Island Stomp 9

Oil trains… not exactly the best canvases… There’s nothing worse than seeing headlights on the horizon only to realize that it’s another god damned oil train… Nice for ‘foreign power’ and foaming through, I guess.
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FR8 Chronicles 30 – Island Stomp 8

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FR8 Chronicles 29 – CSX Inbound

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Pinch me, am I dreaming ?

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