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Give a man a mask and he will give you the truth.New York Dock Co. Warehouse3 guys at 5 guysNYC's last active wooden subway cars going to scrap - 2001.MOAR POWA (5ptz roof)Dro & Sane RedbirdSoel. Abandoned Subway Stop, Bronx NYAbandoned Movie Theater, NYCBlankAbandoned CN Camp Car in the BronxRich (Freight Chronicles #15 now online.)

Phreights Phlicked in Philly II

Phreights Phlicked in Philly

Coming Soon: Phreights Phlicked in Philly!

Along the lines of NYC and Florida, except this time passing through good ol’ Philthadelphia.  Posts will come up every few days.  Keep your eyes peeled….


Pulp Fixion #5

Fr8 Chronicles Part 5 – Seve’s Revenge

Pulp Fixion #4

That CC car is in FL, its a quarter of a car stored in Disney Hollywood Studios prop room. They don’t throw away props, they recycle or keep them collecting dust until they can be reused.

Fr8 Chronicles Part 4 – The Crossing

Pulp Fixion #3

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Fr8 Chronicles Part 3 – Field Ov Dreams Freight

Somewhere west of nowhere, this row of freight cars sleeps away another lazy day. By night they will be painted, for if you park them, they shall come…

Pulp Fixion #2

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