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New York Dock Co. Warehouse3 guys at 5 guysNYC's last active wooden subway cars going to scrap - 2001.MOAR POWA (5ptz roof)Dro & Sane RedbirdSoel. Abandoned Subway Stop, Bronx NYAbandoned Movie Theater, NYCBlankAbandoned CN Camp Car in the BronxRich (Freight Chronicles #15 now online.)Trash Tags By Numbers

Fr8 Chronicles Part 3 – Field Ov Dreams Freight

Somewhere west of nowhere, this row of freight cars sleeps away another lazy day. By night they will be painted, for if you park them, they shall come…

Pulp Fixion #2

Fr8 Chronicles Part 2 – Tig ole’ Bitties

Pulp Fixion #1

Juicy Freights !!!! check em all out !

Stay tuned: Apples and Oranges …

In addition to Control’s new “Freight Chronicles” series which documents The Big Apples freight scene, I will be providing  a similar sunny delight for your freight viewing  pleasure down here from Florida. Stay fuckin tuned …


Fr8 Chronicles Part 1 – For Home Shop

When these trash cars first started running in 2009, they were shunned by area writers. Today, they are accumulating quite a collection of tags and monickers from well known writers.

F5 Death Lounge


Art Basel 2012 & why u should be ashamed of urself …

Control and I were sitting down with a very talented aerosol artist  a few months back  who will rename nameless.

The nameless states ” I hate vandalism, why does it always have to be in the Ghetto, think about it… ”

Control and I looked at each other, and laughed at him.

After going to Art Basel 2012, I “GET” it.

You can read how awesome the art was on other blogs.

I’m bringing the ugly side.

First, too much left over artwork from 2011.

2012 spots only covered a small portion of the 2011 work. People like Ghost RIS used to have to spend their days doing the low crawl around train yards to express this artform known as wildstyle.  A city is throwing walls at the world to paint yet  only  portion of them gets covered ? Something is not right with that picture.  Stop smoking $10 less worth of reefer a week and save the money for Art Basel 2013. Buy some plane tickets at Jetblue as soon … [ read more ]

P&W Northbound

Photos from Sept, 2012. This is one of P&W’s three times per week rock train that runs from CT to NYC over Hell Gate Bridge.

Glenwood 2012

The Glenwood power plant has long been a favorite place for us to visit. Abandoned since the 1960s, these massive buildings have deteriorated significantly over the decades.

Built between 1904 and 1906, this large power plant was built to power the electrification of the adjacent New York Central ‘hudson line’ – powering electrified trains which replaced steam locomotives and enabled the expansion of Grand Central Terminal. These tracks still pass directly to the east of the power plant, serving Metro North’s present day Hudson line, along with Amtrak trains to Penn Station and CSX freight trains to and from Oak Point in the Bronx (connecting all Long Island). For the last 15 years, there have been nothing but rumors of redevelopment soon to take place here, though never any signs of it actually happening beyond a lot of talk and ugly proposals for ‘adaptive reuse’ which suggested basically dropping a glass tower on top of the existing brick buildings.

It had … [ read more ]

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