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5ptz demo from high aboveLight - Bombing NYC Subway TunnelsGive a man a mask and he will give you the truth.New York Dock Co. Warehouse3 guys at 5 guysNYC's last active wooden subway cars going to scrap - 2001.MOAR POWA (5ptz roof)Dro & Sane RedbirdSoel. Abandoned Subway Stop, Bronx NYAbandoned Movie Theater, NYCBlank

Canadian National Railway Camp Cars in the Bronx

Under a highway in the Bronx, one might find this curious set of seemingly abandoned railroad cars. These aren’t just any railroad cars though.
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R28 cars 7926-7927 at Fresh Pond & Sunset Park in 2006

In the early 2000’s the Illinois Railway Museum bought two R28 ‘Redbird’ subway cars. By 2005 they were stored at the Cross Harbor yard in Sunset Park. Within a few months they were moved up Fresh Pond yard.
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FR8 Chronicles 15 – Island Stomp

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Fr8 Chronicles 14 – BushMaster 2!

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Pulp Fixion #13

Citric Acid…

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Phreights Phlicked in Philly XV (Philly Juice special!!!!)

Fr8 Chronicles 13 – CSX Outbound

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Phreights Phlicked in Philly XIV (tracksides)

Just some track side flicks to tide you over while I get some more freights….

Wish you all the best for 2014!

Pulp Fixion #12 Satan Clause Edition

Oranges in your xmas stocking ! Illegals on the Juiceboxes and Abandoned Marina Stadium in Miami, Random Legals from Art Basel 2013.Get the details —>

“6 ptz” – QP’s Illegal Graffiti Gallery

During the autumn of 2013, while many NYC art blogs were obsessing over Banksy and the lost of 5 points, NYC’s graffiti community created a gallery of their own just up the street from 5 pointz, within the old CN West/QP’s Marketplace buildings. Get the details —>

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