Flickr LTV Graff Group Uploads

5ptz demo from high aboveLight - Bombing NYC Subway TunnelsGive a man a mask and he will give you the truth.New York Dock Co. Warehouse3 guys at 5 guysNYC's last active wooden subway cars going to scrap - 2001.MOAR POWA (5ptz roof)Dro & Sane RedbirdSoel. Abandoned Subway Stop, Bronx NYAbandoned Movie Theater, NYCBlank

FR8 Chronicles 15 – Island Stomp

Get the details —>

Fr8 Chronicles 14 – BushMaster 2!

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Pulp Fixion #13

Citric Acid…

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Phreights Phlicked in Philly XV (Philly Juice special!!!!)

Fr8 Chronicles 13 – CSX Outbound

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Phreights Phlicked in Philly XIV (tracksides)

Just some track side flicks to tide you over while I get some more freights….

Wish you all the best for 2014!

Pulp Fixion #12 Satan Clause Edition

Oranges in your xmas stocking ! Illegals on the Juiceboxes and Abandoned Marina Stadium in Miami, Random Legals from Art Basel 2013.Get the details —>

“6 ptz” – QP’s Illegal Graffiti Gallery

During the autumn of 2013, while many NYC art blogs were obsessing over Banksy and the lost of 5 points, NYC’s graffiti community created a gallery of their own just up the street from 5 pointz, within the old CN West/QP’s Marketplace buildings. Get the details —>

Iron Triangle, December 2013

The iron triangle is a true working mans neighborhood. Filled with makeshift auto shops, an iron works, junkyards, a trash transfer facility and (oddly enough) a spice factory. Here – people work and work hard, in an area deprived of virtually all city services.
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Fr8 Chronicles 12 – BushMaster!

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