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The LIC Elks Lodge was destroyed by Slumlords.

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on March 21, 2017

Down to the first floor as of this morning.

A little over one year ago, this website was the first to report the start of demolition work at the former Elks Lodge in L.I.C. Over the course of this last year, we often posted updates on the building's status to Twitter. The destruction of this building was slow and methodical.
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The Machine Shop

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on February 28, 2017

Within an otherwise empty industrial building in NYC lies this hidden room, filled with intrigue.
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Abandoned Coca-Cola Distribution Center & LIRR Glendale Junction, (Queens) NY

By: Bad Guy Joe , Posted on September 12, 2016

Examining the long forgotten history of a Central Queens industrial zone, with one abandoned warehouse in particular.
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Moore McCormack’s Brooklyn Pier

By: Bad Guy Joe , Posted on August 25, 2016

This summer, the abandoned remains of Moore McCormack's Brooklyn facility are being wiped off the face of the planet.
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Abandoned LIRR Woodhaven Blvd Station (Rockaway Beach Branch)

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on August 16, 2016

The Woodhaven blvd rockaway beach branch station is an important neighborhood piece of infrastructure that currently sits in ruins.
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Former Aigner Index factory (44-16 23rd street, LIC)

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on August 11, 2016

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Abandoned Panasonic / Bergdorf Goodman Warehouse (43-30 24th Street, LIC)

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on August 8, 2016

One more of LIC's industrial relics is not long for this earth.

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Todd Shipyard Walk Through Video

By: Bad Guy Joe , Posted on July 27, 2016

Something from deep in the LTV archives…

For a whole lot more on the history of this shipyard, check out this 10 year old post we did on it.

Views from 43-10 23rd street, LIC. “7 line factory”

By: Joseph Anastasio , Posted on May 24, 2016


I had my eye on this place for awhile.
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Eppens-Smith Coffee Rooftop

By: Bad Guy Joe , Posted on May 16, 2016

Eppen-Smith building to the right

LIC's forgotten coffee factory.
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