NYC Industrial Ruins

Over the last 20 years, we have made a point of exploring every abandoned factory, warehouse and industrial related location within NYC. Here is a sampling of some of these locations, including photos and in depth histories (where possible).

Washburn Wire Factory, Harlem NY

The Washburn wire factory in Harlem was the very likely the largest factory in Manhattan. After production shut down, the factory became a haven for drug addicts and the homeless – a vast ‘mad max’ wasteland where not even the police would enter.

Brooklyn City Railroad Company / Empire Electric. 5100 1st Ave, Brooklyn NY

(Original write up from July 2001 (with minor edits) – Building history & Update below) One fine summer evening we ended our day of exploring here. As we approach the large hole in the front wall a guy that looks like he should work at a gas station emerges, grumbling to himself. Usually that sort […]

Triplex Oil Refinery, aka ‘Quanta Resources Site’

History The Quanta Resources Site is an approximately 1.8 acre parcel located at 37-80 Review Avenue, within a highly industrialized area of Long Island City, Queens, New York. A Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1898 indicates that the site was partially occupied by vacant and dilapidated brick wrecks of an oil refinery. Available information indicates […]

What was it? Ruins along the SBK

Original publication date: May 1, 2001, Updated & re-posted: Feb. 16, 2014. What was it? This new category of blog posts will feature locations around NYC that I’ve explored, but haven’t had the time to dig up good historic information on. It is my hope that someone out there will be able to comment below […]