NYC Industrial Ruins

Over the last 20 years, we have made a point of exploring every abandoned factory, warehouse and industrial related location within NYC. Here is a sampling of some of these locations, including photos and in depth histories (where possible).

Stella Doro

A Cookie Giant Dies in the Bronx, killed by Private Equity

Kearney Siding Warehouses – National Envelope

Huge warehouses, conspicuous amounts of non-activity, and that intrigue strikes once again. What the hell is inside that place?

New York Architectural Terra Cotta

Exploring the interior of one of NYC’s best maintained, longest standing abandoned buildings.

Freedom Tunnel

A retrospect of the last 20 years.

Sheba Exports

Wet and Nasty

9321, NYC’s Latest Abandoned Locomotive

Several graffiti artists told me there was a railroad locomotive stuffed far back behind rows of cars at a nearby rail yard – seemingly abandoned. Given the high value of these large american made beasts, it seemed rather unlikely – but sure enough, there it was.

The end of Hope Street

For the better part of a decade, at the east end of Hope street, lay an impressively large industrial building that seemed utterly hopeless.