NYC Industrial Ruins

Over the last 20 years, we have made a point of exploring every abandoned factory, warehouse and industrial related location within NYC. Here is a sampling of some of these locations, including photos and in depth histories (where possible).

Phelps Dodge Narrow Gauge Railroad Remains

Last week, I mentioned the former Phelps Dodge site in Maspeth in this mission file about some nearby abandoned houses.

The Dirty, Dirty Strip Club

The Dirty Strip Club is the second abandoned strip club we’ve hit in recent years, and a more vile nasty place you could not wish to find.


More big empty Industrial Space

M Fine’s old location

This old low rise building has an eventual date with the wrecking ball.

The Kearney Warehouse Stub

The Kearney Warehouse Stub


Semi-Active Xploits

BurnScrap Inc

Burn, then Scrap

Piering down your throat

I was in before they came, I’ll be here long after… don’t want to swear but it seems clear… that I’m gunna hafta.