Over the last decade, NYC has shifted from a city that generated much of it's own electricity to one that imports its power. This page chronicles the various power plants and substations that used to exist across the NYC area.

Glenwood 2012

The Glenwood power plant has long been a favorite place for us to visit. Abandoned since the 1960s, these massive buildings have deteriorated significantly over the decades.

Glenwood power plant graffiti

Glenwood power plant graffiti

The Bat Cave/Gowanus Canal Graffiti Gallery & Squat

This spot is hot. Tons of great graff cover the walls making it the hottest illegal hall of fame that side of the sewer…

Waterside Generating Station, Manhattan, NYC

A first look into one of the largest power plant ever to be abandoned in NYC

Brooklyn City Railroad Company / Empire Electric. 5100 1st Ave, Brooklyn NY

(Original write up from July 2001 (with minor edits) – Building history & Update below) One fine summer evening we ended our day of exploring here. As we approach the large hole in the front wall a guy that looks like he should work at a gas station emerges, grumbling to himself. Usually that sort […]