How to be an “Urban Explorer”


Urban exploration is the most awesome cool hip amazeballs trend to slap society in the face in decades. Not since graffiti artists domination of public transit has a hobby so embolden a generation of rebels to express themselves and redeem their selfies for valuable sock sponsorship prizes.

Why “take only photos and leave only footprints” when you can be a real explorer, looting everything and leaving only dust behind? How to be an “Urban Explorer” is an irreverent, sarcastic take on this highly illegal, rebellious hobby. It exposes the myths and blurs the lines of good taste. Take any and all of it as truth at your own peril!

The Deets:
10 Chapters.
77 Pages of mostly text with occasionally illustrations.
6″ x 9″
Text By Midori Amasaki
Exclusive Photos by Bad Guy Joe

NOTE: The printer is a bit backlogged, and shipping is taking 2-3 weeks. If you need it fast, you can order it via Amazon for a buck more.