Subway Madness


Just below the streets of NYC, one can find one of the largest subway systems in the world, and one of the largest reminders of the ‘bad old days’ of NYC – where crime and despair ruled the day. In these tunnels, this NYC of the past lives on. Dirty, graffiti covered subway tunnels, where the homeless still occasionally make their homes and where serendipitous insomniac explorers lurk in the dark, waiting and watching. Where graffiti artists still get over, 2 decades after the trains were cleaned.

This book takes a hard look at this underground realm, through 280+ photographs, 7 chapters and 174 pages. This is a no holds barred view of the live tunnels, abandoned spaces, hidden nitches and insane ‘transit recidivists’ that enjoy this inhospitable and deadly environment as if it were one huge all city amusement park. Admission is free, but your survival through the night will be questionable at best. Hop the turnstyle, take the ride.

The reviews are in!

“After having thoroughly reviewed this book the only action I see fit is to completely deny access to the subway system to any and every resident of NY State. To that end I’m currently drafting up legislation to make this a possibility” – Peter V. Astoria, NY

“This book rips the head off transit exploration – there are photos of places in under NYC in here that the MTA doesn’t even know about!” – Midori Amasaki, Prof. of urban history, CUNY

“Get real. This book is fiction – there are no explorers in the subway tunnels”. – Mayor Money B, Upper East Side

“The Americans put this book in our nescafe! Now the rats are coming for my head! Curse you american goats! You cannot stop me! ” _ Mummar G, Libya

“That shit is fucking scary.” – Jake Dobkin, Gawker Magazine

“Oh, I see you hit all the easy tunnels.” – Nycexposed

“Look at these stupid Americans – they can’t even secure their pants, nevermind their tunnels” – Vlad P, Moscow.

“Those tunnels don’t really exist. This book is a total fabrication.” – Joe B. Transit Historian.

“They even spelled Myrtle correctly.” – Morris Fink, Axe Grinder Blog

“Where’s the photos of the steam locomotive? Why is LTV working with the NYC Government to cover up the facts?” – B. D., Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

“This book speaks to me on so many levels. Anyone got keys to the cab?” – Darius McCollum

“No matter how many extra officers I deploy to the Transit Bureau ready to write C summonses, these guys still go undetected. I have exhausted all of my options! I have no choice to buy the book!” – Popeye Kelly

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174 pages
280+ photographs

Chapter List:
1. Abandoned Stations
2. Flavors Ov Flith
3. Graffiti
4. Tunnel Action
5. Case Study: South Ferry (New Construction)
6. Second Systen
7. Other (Fan Plants, provisions, etc).
Attention Women/About The Author

Published in 2011. Printed in the USA