LTVPress Publications

LTV Press is our in house publishing arm. Quite often through the course of exploration and research we develop huge libraries of photos and text which are significantly better suited towards book publication. This also of course allows us to make some actual cash off this exploring hobby - cash that we push right back into future publications in a very DIY ethos of helping photos and artists get a toehold on residual income and a calling card they can be proud of.

Island Explorer: Antigua & Montserrat

In the Caribbean sea one might find two island nations: one is holding it’s own, while the other struggles to survive.

Island Explorer: St. Maarten

Get ready to see a side of this tourist-trap island that has rarely been seen, and in some cases will never be seen again. Take a tour of (what was) the largest abandoned resort on planet earth. See a shocking amount of graffiti from international writers, laugh hard at the blatant trademark rip off businesses […]

The Poconos Complaint

LTV Press is proud to announce our 4th and perhaps most hilarious publication: The Poconos Complaint Deep in the woods of the Poconos lays an abandoned resort where no one can hear you scream. Or break windows, or throw what’s left of the furniture off the balconies or all those other awesome fun things one […]

Subway Madness


Just below the streets of NYC, one can find one of the largest subway systems in the world, and one of the largest reminders of the ‘bad old days’ of NYC – where crime and despair ruled the day. In these tunnels, this NYC of the past lives on. Dirty, graffiti covered subway tunnels, where […]

Yard Job NYC

Rail Yards: Much like the subway yards before them, the freight yards of NYC have become a proving ground for a new generation of writers. Yard Job NYC is the only book that documents this relatively obscure through thriving graffiti scene. Nowhere else will you find old school cats like Chino, Wolf, Smith, Trap, and […]

Brooklyn Queens Freight


1 Week. 35 Miles Walked. 2500+ Photos Taken. This book is a product of a marathon mission to document one of the last bastions of real graffiti in NYC. Drips, Dirt, Grime,Throwies, Pieces, Tags and Toys. It’s all in here. 200% Aerosol and 0% weak-ass “Street Art”. This book is the definitive guide to graffiti […]