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Abandoned LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch – Park Politics Edition

In Queens, a desperately needed transit option for multiple communities is under attack.

The Queens Subway Lofts: a Montauk Cutoff freight customer that never was.

The curious case of the building and miniature railroad that never was.

The Montauk Cutoff

There has been a ton of talk lately about what will become of the Montauk Cutoff. While the future remains unknown, its past is surprisingly more interesting than has thus far been reported.

Update on 9321, The ‘abandoned’ locomotive

4 years ago we posted about an abandoned locomotive, a 1950s era neglected engine buried deep behind rows of freight cars at a local bustling yard. This locomotive still exists, and is looking worse than ever.

Blissville Photo Freight

So one day me and The Chef were puttering around town when we came across a freight sitting in Blissville Yard, completely unattended. At the time, the yard was barely being used, so we went in for a closer look at this curious rail attraction.

LIRR Junk Train at Arch Street

In early 2012 the LIRR stored a string of their M3 type rail cars at the ‘new’ Arch Street shop

Metro North Graveyard, 2002

In 2002 we stopped by Metro North’s graveyard to poke around the oddball collection of junk commuter train equipment stored and awaiting a date with either the scrappers torch or, less likely, resale and restoration. This collection of locomotives and rail cars represented some of the best and worst in terms of reliability & design.

Abandoned 1925 vintage Staten Island Rapid Transit car 353 – 2003.

In 2003 me and Rebel SC came across this very long abandoned Staten Island Rapid Transit car.