Railroad stuff

Cross Harbor Locomotives stored on 1st avenue, Brooklyn

Two locomotives sat abandoned along 1st avenue in Brooklyn for many years, from roughly the late 1990s until 2006. This is their story.

R28 cars 7926-7927 at Fresh Pond & Sunset Park in 2006

In the early 2000’s the Illinois Railway Museum bought two R28 ‘Redbird’ subway cars. By 2005 they were stored at the Cross Harbor yard in Sunset Park. Within a few months they were moved up Fresh Pond yard.

LIC’s Wheelspur Yard / Poultry Market – Past, Present & Future

On the north shore of Newtown creek lays a plot of land with a strangely unique history – a place that was once a rail yard, then a poultry market and later an office for small businesses and other food distributors. All of these are gone now, and soon this land will become a rail yard once again.

The abandoned Mt. Morris Station

On a recent trip to Rochester, NY, we stopped in at Mt. Morris. DevB had a lead on there being an abandoned railroad station in town, so who was I to argue?

NJ Graffiti Railroad

Old train cars getting new paint. Ain’t nuthin else to talk about.

NJ Railroad Outlaw Tour

Jersey is a great place if you’re a foamer (i.e. railroad enthusiast).

Pull It Man!

Graff Central Station

Freedom Tunnel

A retrospect of the last 20 years.