Railroad stuff

9321, NYC’s Latest Abandoned Locomotive

Several graffiti artists told me there was a railroad locomotive stuffed far back behind rows of cars at a nearby rail yard – seemingly abandoned. Given the high value of these large american made beasts, it seemed rather unlikely – but sure enough, there it was.

Gitche Gumee Ore Bust

Edmund Fitzgeralrd was here!

A Long way from the Island RR

A piece of the LIRR rusting in pieces.

Foamer PoBuckerism

Railway Rubbish Rusting Away

Freight Talk: Middle Village Idiocracy.

I haven’t really mentioned Freight trains much in the blog, so let me go right ahead and change that, right now. The NY Times had this gem of a piece last week that is worth noting if you’re into NY infrastructure and how stuff gets moved around town. Of note in this article is this […]

St. Mary’s Tunnel 2009 – it’s not a swamp, it’s a cesspool

Exposing the faulty cleanup of the abandoned Port Morris Branch

Port Morris Branch: The so-called Bronx Swamp.

We’ve seen some reporting as of late on ‘The Bronx Swamp’.  I’m not honestly sure who began calling this abandoned freight rail line by this name  but it is a very inaccurate one that doesn’t tell of the location’s true rich history. This section of track is much better known as the Port Morris branch, […]