Railroad stuff

Pull It Man!

Graff Central Station

Freedom Tunnel

A retrospect of the last 20 years.

9321, NYC’s Latest Abandoned Locomotive

Several graffiti artists told me there was a railroad locomotive stuffed far back behind rows of cars at a nearby rail yard – seemingly abandoned. Given the high value of these large american made beasts, it seemed rather unlikely – but sure enough, there it was.

Gitche Gumee Ore Bust

Edmund Fitzgeralrd was here!

A Long way from the Island RR

A piece of the LIRR rusting in pieces.

Foamer PoBuckerism

Railway Rubbish Rusting Away

Freight Talk: Middle Village Idiocracy.

I haven’t really mentioned Freight trains much in the blog, so let me go right ahead and change that, right now. The NY Times had this gem of a piece last week that is worth noting if you’re into NY infrastructure and how stuff gets moved around town. Of note in this article is this […]