Railroad stuff

St. Mary’s Tunnel 2009 – it’s not a swamp, it’s a cesspool

Exposing the faulty cleanup of the abandoned Port Morris Branch

Port Morris Branch: The so-called Bronx Swamp.

We’ve seen some reporting as of late on ‘The Bronx Swamp’.  I’m not honestly sure who began calling this abandoned freight rail line by this name  but it is a very inaccurate one that doesn’t tell of the location’s true rich history. This section of track is much better known as the Port Morris branch, […]


Flood abatement 101

The Meatpacking Facility / High Line Construction Office

Former meat packing plant turned worksite.

High Line 2007

6 years later…

The abandoned LIRR Bogies

A long string of scrap metal.

LIRR’s LIC Drawbridges

Not abandoned, tho they sure can look it…

Hell Gate Bridge

So far as I’m concerned, there is only one bridge in NYC that matters. Only one bridge worth climbing. Only one bridge shrouded in more ghost stories and urban legends than you could fit into a 200 page issue of Weird NJ. Entire movies have been written about this bridge. The Bridge is Hell Gate, […]