NYC Subway Tunnel Exploring

Below you will find an abbreviated listing of some of the hundreds of clandestine explorations we have made within the NYC subway system over the last 20 years. We carry on a tradition of exploring these tunnels that dates back to the first days of subway operation, and continued on by early formers and later, the graffiti artists who explored tunnels looking for lay up trains to bomb.

Many of the names and other identifying characteristics of these locations have been purposefully obscured for safety and security sake, while other well documented spots (such as the abandoned stations) are freely named.

The subway tunnels of NYC are a dark, dirty, often deadly place. We suggest that you do not enter these tunnels ( it is after all "illegal"), but if you find yourself compelled to, study these tunnels well before you make the jump off the platform. Ride the train and watch from the windows. Observe. Learn. Only through strict self guided education will you learn the ways of the subway tunnel exploring Jedi.

For a more complete guide to exploring NYC's subway tunnels, we humbly suggest picking up this book.

2nd Ave Subway Station Construction

A peak into one of NYC’s newest subway tunnels

Middle Ground

The thing about the NYC subway system is, that it is so absolutely fucking huge. You can spend years wandering these tunnels and never see every single spot that there is.

Grand Central Trolley Loop

The Grand Central trolley loop is one of the least known, least talked about, and least documented abandoned tunnel segments in the NYC subway system. These rare photos show the present day (2012) state of this obscure location.

Abandoned Bowery Side Platform, 2012

Revisiting one of NYC’s most recently abandoned stations.

Shit Track

Deep Below Chinatown lays the Shit Track

Winfield: Scunthole’s Lair 2012

The winfield is one of the largest stretches of ‘abandoned’ tunnel within the NYC subway system today.

Mystery Tunnel Recon

Is it there? Nobody knows.

9th Ave Lower

The lost level of workbum hell