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Ader-Rat, and other snitch stories

Published on: August 26th, 2005 | Last updated: December 3, 2015 Written by:

When Revs was finally busted in 1999, everyone smelt a rat, and suspicion immediately centered on Ader.

There’s nothing more pathetic in any criminal game than a snitch who is willing to sell out someone else just because they’re afraid of doing time. Unfortunately, for all the tough talk people spew about beating up snitches or discrediting them, the graffiti scene (and even the exploring scene outside of NYC) is still plagued by these rodents pretending to be writers.

For many years, Ader was labeled as a snitch who brought Revs down. The truth is a bit more complicated: apparently the police had Revs’s plate number, but didn’t know where he lived. In fact, the police might never have figured out where he lived until one fateful night where some drunks nearly killed him in an auto accident on the BQE. That accident lead the cops to stalk him now that they got the address. It is unknown (at least to me) how the police department initially got Revs’s plate number, but there’s no definitive proof that I’m aware of linking Ader to the arrest.

I can see why a snitch would be a snitch: they get caught and are terrified of doing time or dealing with courts. Writers are routinely charged with felonies these days, so the legal entanglements of the game have gotten pretty horrible over the years. When faced with hardship or your reputation, hardship passes, but reputation? That is something that should never be lived down.

And that’s why I can’t understand writers or explorers who hang out with known, documented snitches. There’s really no excuse for it. How fucking desperate does someone have to be to befriend a snitch? When I see a writer get up with documented snitches like Cope2 or a few other snitch-infested “writers”, I immediately lose respect for them. When I see an explorers hang out with a snitch like Pigsley, I immediately do not want to know them.

In life, one must have scruples. You have to choose your friends wisely – research them, see what they’re really made of before you even meet them. If you befriend a snitch, you’ll regret it. In many cases, it ends explorer and writers careers.


The Tunnel

Oh yeah I should write something about this tunnel eh?





This is one of those wide ass former IND tunnels that are fun to play in. Halfway through there’s a big emergency exit with space around it and what appears to be a provisional space or vent above it. Unfortunately there was no ladder…




Oh, and the tunnel also contained an Ader page – that is, a revs style journal page, only written by Ader. Curiously, it was signed in a handstyle either strongly mimicking Revs’s style, or done by Revs himself.


Want to read it? Go down to this tunnel and maybe it’s still there. If I recall right it was in the exit, which has likely since been painted over.


*Note – this post was completely re-written on Dec. 1, 2015. The original writeup sucked.

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