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Finding cool places to explore in NYC isn't as easy as it used to be - You need a fixer.

"You’re not like the 50 million tourists per year that come to NYC. Sure, there’s probably a few of our world famous attractions you want to see, but you’re looking for an authetic NYC experience. Perhaps you’re looking to see what remains of NYC’s proud industrial past. Maybe you want to see grimey old abandoned buildings or underground spaces and tunnels? Maybe you want to get some rooftop photos from angles virtually unseen by most tourists? I can help you with any of these.

NYC's supply of places to explore is a constantly shifting landscape. Tunnels go through waves of being more or less easy to explore depending on the political winds and routine maintenance. Virtually all of our long-standing, best known abandoned buildings are gone. There's usually plenty to see, but this inventory of available exploring spots shifts year to year (and often month to month). Trust me, I know. I’ve been in more abandoned buuldings in NYC than anyone else. I’ve walked through more tunnels under NYC than nearly any other non-MTA employee, and I’ve been on quite a few great rooftops as well. I am a born and raised New Yorker who has been exploring here for over 25 years.

I can be your guide for hire and/or consultant on how to find great off-the-beaten path places to explore. Don't be mislead by all of the great places you'll find on this site and on social media - many of those places no longer exist. To successfully explore NYC's hidden underbelly, you need a fixer. "

- Bad Guy Joe

We offer two main services:

1) A virtual meetup before your trip to NYC - during which I can help you plan the best uses of your time. This option is best for the explorer who has already done a bunch of research on what to see around NYC and needs to know logicistics ("Is this place still around?" and "How do I get to XYZ abandoned hospital - and is it worth it?" (Flat $50 fee for up to a half hour of insights ).

2) A personal guided tour tailored to your interests. (Tour prices vary depending on length).

Example Tour Packages:

  1. 1-3 Hour Tunnel Hikes: walking railroad tunnels under NYC, featuring an in depth discussion on the history of each particular tunnel, including the 'Mole People' and graffiti artists who frequent them.
  2. 3 Hour Brooklyn Queens Industrial Tour: Touring abandoned buildings, filled with insights into their past use. Great for those seeking out some decay porn.
  3. Mental Hospital Day Trip: day long excursions to mental hospitals outside of NYC. Transportation included.
  4. Military Base Exploration: Checking out some amazing former military bases. Includes bunkers and missle silos!

Addtional options available upon request.

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