Staten Island Smash And Grab: The pilfered apartment building.

July 9th, 2008 by

2002. Slim Jim comes to town for a week of exploring. One of them days we happened across a very odd apartment building in the ghetto. Huge in size and containing some people behind locked doors, and with virtually no vandalism or signs of wear and tear, we weren't even sure this place was 100% abandoned. We go back at night and see as much as we can while being as quiet as we can...

2004: A lot more wear and tear, but it's still in good looking shape. The lights are still on.

2005: Attempted filming of footage for ridiculous TV show gets nixed due to too much attention from the natives and the crazy white guy that wanted all 20 of us to go back to his place for some V8s.

2008: Associates tell me of this building now having no windows. We all head back out there 2 weeks later and I get a look myself...

...and in that look, i must say, wow. In a short span of time, this place has gone straight to hell.

So far as I can tell a recent fire in the building made it clear to all that it is abandoned. With access holes everywhere, the entire building has been destroyed by locals and scrappers. Halls are tagged to hell, as are apartments. The power is shut off, and whoever was squatting here before has long gone - their apartments completely destroyed.

The penthouse, fully furnished in 2002, is now destroyed. Huge windows have all been blown out. The couches lay in the weeds below.

More has come out about this buildings past. Once a hospital, the property changed hands a few times until someone sold apartments here as condos. Not too long thereafter, the building was in the courts, and all the residents thrown out. It seems whoever sold the apartments was not the actual rightful owner. Hard working people were scammed of their cash.

Today it sits like this, nearly too far gone to be saved. What the next chapter will be, who knows...

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