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June 25th, 2009 by

Most abandoned buildings in urban areas have a limited shelf life. Up until the recent economic downturn the NYC area has lost dozens of abandoned locations to 'developers' who've taken these often toxic locations, cleaned then up somewhat, and thrown some cheaply built condos on them.

Strangely though, this building still endures the test of time. It has gotten a lot moremroe beat up over the last ten years, but it still stands, attracting strange weirdos like the one I ran into behind the building when I was on my way out. This dude had a huge head and looked like the 'Little bit of Luck' NYS lottery character. I was tempted to ask him if Lady Luck was around, but I digress.

For some perspective, here's what this place looked like before:



Today, it's a whole lot more tagged up. Rumors that it would be turned into a school have thus far proven false, so who knows what the future holds for this botanical abandoned bumpfest.

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