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Ripping people off with fake NYCTA lanterns

Published on: December 20th, 2010 | Last updated: October 16, 2016 Written by:

This is amazing. Some company is selling what some claim are NYCTA lanterns for the ridiculous price of $150. The only thing is they look very little like actual NYC MTA safety lanterns.

Here is what they are selling: Note the rubber handle and non-MTA logo.

Now here is a real MTA lantern (photo provided by one of our trackworker friends). Note the plastic handle, and embossed ‘NYCTA’ lettering along the side.

These lanterns are not sold to the public (though you can occasionally find them on ebay, craigslist, etc).

See that lantern on the far right – it’s the type that contractors use, which is the same model as the one this company is selling, only it has no weird logo on it.

The lantern these guys are selling can be found online for a mere 50 bucks. I guess that logo on there warrants a huge mark up? That’s like taking a honda, sticking a ferrari-esque logo on it, and selling it for 3 times the price to unsuspecting consumers who don’t know better.

Hey I’m all for people making money, but consumer deception is lame.

Gizmodo says you can look like a real MTA engineer with one of these fake lanterns. Uhm… No. If you really want to look like an MTA employee, this is the gear you need:

And if you want a real original set of MTA work lanterns, you’ll have to contact the infamous Caveman and make a seriously good offer, though really, I don’t think money can buy these.

I’m going to drop the same knowledge my first boss ever gave me: ‘Don’t take any wooden nickels‘. If it ain’t real it’s nonsense.

(Thanks to The Don, MW, Axe and Caveman for much of the fodder in this post)

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