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Maksim Gelman’s Graffiti Life

Published on: February 15th, 2011 | Last updated: December 15, 2015 Written by:

The story that Maksim Gelman, the man that went on a murderous rampage last weekend, was also a graffiti writer has been played up in the news a little – but what did he write? Many BK writers have pointed toward 3 tags: Wes, WS and Max.

As it turns out, I have many photos of his tags and throwys from the day long hike of the Brooklyn freight tracks I took while shooting hundreds of photos for Brooklyn Queens Freight. Most of the photos showing the Wes, WS and Max tags did not make the cut for the printed book, though at least 2 or 3 crept in there. I’ve placed a set of these photos online here, along with some history about the spot he allegedly laid low after murdering the girl he was obsessed with.

Most writers I’ve talked to in the last day or two tell me wasn’t much of a writer and had plenty of beef. It’s been a long while since any writer has murdered anyone. For anyone that doesn’t know, if writers have beef with each other, it’s generally settled in a fair fist fight.

Sources tell me he had a flickr stream!

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13 responses to “Maksim Gelman’s Graffiti Life”

  1. julie says:

    He actually had many many flickr streams and seems like he knows how to run his mouth. One of the photos he actually says here’s my baby in action, the photo shows a girl who goes by tag name gemz aka GZ. Maz also went by maxone, maxizm, wesizm, wesone, wz lol I’m becoming obsessed.

  2. julie says:

    He was aka wespsd

  3. Control says:

    Oh shit. I just found that. Wonder how many flickr streams he had, or if the girl in the photo is just posing or actually writing? Those gemz ‘g’s and goe ‘g’s are basically the same.

  4. julie says:

    I found him under “couch bombay” and “23allisee” aslo I found a page were he was having some web beef lol, http://gallery.saster.net/sgallery/displayimage.php?album=34&pos=48
    He wrote as “wesone”, “psdusted”, “maxone”, “psdope” and the list goes on. I guess no one ever liked the kid.

  5. Desmi says:

    Hes so hottt

  6. Control says:

    I love the comments in some of these photos where he’s beefing with people. Wonder what the deal was with Host/Taboo etc. He seemed to go over them a whole lot.

  7. Control says:

    Awesome. Depraved comment of the year! but tell us, what would you do with him?

    I doubt he’ll be able to get conjugal visits anytime soon.

  8. Desmi says:

    You know I’ve been so interested and I wonder what he was like before. What I would do? Well ill write to him get to know him? Not sure haven’t decided yes but I’m fascinated.

  9. G says:

    maxxizm,wes,wesley snipes whatever you want to write,u gonna rot,acid crew cant back u up,rip to all 4

  10. q says:

    Hey..had to give props here on the great detective work..bttr than the post! 🙂 thx…

    if u come up w anymore info pls post it.

    …also, noticed one of his email addresses above, pasted it n2 myspace &facebk…tryna find some more info on this dude, but that address didn’t give any leads…anymore emails u’v seen linked to these accts?

    Thx again…luv this website.

  11. GM says:

    Desmi you’re a fucking idiot. Here’s a quote from the other article on this site about him: ” A quick survey of about a dozen writers yielded a universal response: Maksim sucked at life, and if his peers even knew who he was, they hated his wack handywork” – and this is the dude you wanna meet? Way to set the bar high. Moron

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