The Goss Hotel

June 21st, 2011 by

The Goss Hotel opened in 1919 and eventually grew to become a sprawling campus resort. After the original owner died in the 70s, coupled with a lack of interest from younger clientele looking for a different vacation experience than what The Goss offered, the hotel shut down in 1986.

Today, this location attracts visitors of a different sort - those looking for a vacation that enters a world of decade and depravity, where destruction and decay are seen not as blight, but an attraction worth traveling hours by car to see.

Located in the middle of nowhere, this is a lawless place. Abandoned and exposed to the elements, some buildings here have collapsed, while others are left for the picking by scrappers and vandals.

Some parts of this property are outright dangerous - piles of crap are everywhere - ceilings falling in, holes in floors. Not a place for the faint of heart.

Other sections are brilliant, and a must see attraction. The pool area is an amazing biology experiment all of it's own - with plants growing across a mossy damp floor. The main lobby is another location of intrigue, as evidence in 'new' walling highlights some of the renovation work done in te 1980s meant to help reopen the hotel. This of course never happened, leaving the sprawling room as an illicit canvas for notorious interior decorators to experiment with styles.

All in all, the Goss is not to be missed. See it now, before it caves in on itself.

2 responses to “The Goss Hotel”

  1. Shadowbat says:

    “Beef” is actually a Philly explorer friend of mine. AIA is for Assholes In Action….

  2. Control says:

    I totally want to be down with any crew using a name like that.

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