Just for fun: Abandoned 91st. subway station. Toot Toot!

January 16th, 2015 by

11 responses to “Just for fun: Abandoned 91st. subway station. Toot Toot!”

  1. Daniel says:

    Craaazy stuff man! I’m thinking about starting to explore subway tunnels. I’ve always been fascinated with the subway system. A friend of mine and I are thinking about going to this station in a few weeks as I pass it everyday on my commute on the 1 train. Any tips you can give me to get started exploring?

  2. Control says:

    Be careful and maybe wait for a detour when the local trains are running express. 91 is tricky, because the express tracks dip down a bit, so you can’t easily get from track to track. That of course can very quickly become a deadly problem.

    18th street is a bit easier, and bowery is always a nice place to start since there’s a lot to see with less risk than a busy 4 track line.

  3. Ant says:

    I’ve been thinking doing 91st at one point as well, and I’ve been thinking from dropping down on 86th st to get to 91st, but it can get complicated with the 3 train going express now in late nights and the 1 and 2 on the Local. I think the Train Timer is your best friend so you can calculate when to head down. You can kind of have to run it I guess since you never know when the 3 train will pass by.

  4. Control says:

    Yeah those timers help. A bit north of 86th there is that emergency exit to clear up in.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great, thanks a lot. I was originally thinking of leaving from 96th since the south end of the platform is very close to 91st, but looks like it may be better from 86th considering the emergency exit. I will also use the timers and go during the night when the trains are less frequent

  6. midnight says:

    The train time app (Tunnel Vision NYC) is really useful since you can see where all the trains are live just like on the arrival boards. It helps a lot that there’s service when you go near the stairs by these bandos…

  7. Daniel says:

    I’ve got this one that’s just called “transit” and it has a train tracker as well as the daily schedules so I can time when i go in. Just have to hope that the trains aren’t ahead of schedule. Would be the only time I ever hope for slow trains lol

  8. Control says:

    My rule (one learned from many others before me) is ‘expect a train on any track in any direction at any time’. This isn’t really an issue in the subways as specific tracks generally have trains running in only one direction – but it applies to schedules. Multiple times I’ve had tracks that had no scheduled service end up with trains blowing through (let’s say a GO closes the express tracks – that doesn’t 100% mean no train will roll down those tracks). Off schedule equipment moves, trash trains, work trains… you can never be 100% sure what might show up. This isn’t a big problem in the subways, but it’s something to be mindful of.

  9. Ant says:

    Was checking the app but sadly its only for IPhone -_- , I got Android lol, but I will make due, planning to check out Underbelly since it’s pretty known place to check out, should be easy to get there since the G line is almost practically dead

  10. OLD TIMER says:

    RE: ANT

    Good luck with Under Belly, there’s a nice cinder block wall between you and it now.

  11. Zack says:

    I used to be an Urban Explorer back in my home. And now I am in need of a subway station platform like this to film my project and it will take some time, so I guess the 18th st is an easier option(read from prev comments)? I am unsure of the location, available entrances, and status of stations such as 18th though, could you share some info on the 18 st. Really grateful for your help.

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