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Tunnel Daemons

Published on: December 3rd, 2015 | Last updated: February 25, 2016 Written by:


There is a saying, that the devil is at his strongest when we are looking the other way. A program running in the background silently while we’re busy doing other shit. Daemons they call them. They are action without user interaction. Monitoring. Logging. Notifications.












Intentions are irrelevant they don’t drive us – Daemons do.

Primal urges. Repressed memories. Unconscious habits. They are always there, always active. We can try to be right, try to be good we can try to make a difference but it’s all bullshit. Intentions are irrelevant they don’t drive us – Daemons do.


At some point an action without user interaction will come along and sweep my legs. This spinning wheel of false highs and lows will continue, that much I know.





Daemons-they don’t stop working. They are always active.

Daemons-they don’t stop working. They are always active. They seduce, they manipulate, they own us. And even though I created you it makes no difference. We all must deal with them alone. The best we can hope for, the only silver lining to all this is that when we finally break through, we find a few familiar faces on the other side.

-Mr. Robot, season 1, episode 3.



This is dedicated to the track workers who run in the background, unseen by most, but always working, and in turn, making the system work. Much Respect.

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3 responses to “Tunnel Daemons”

  1. Daniel says:

    Speaking of tunnel d(a)emons, the other day I was waiting for a downtown local A late at night at 81st, but they were running express for construction or something. I went down to the downtown platform (the downtown track is below the uptown) just out of curiosity, even though the signs said there weren’t any trains coming on that platform. When I got back upstairs, a man came up to me and told me that a bunch of people were looking for me, notably a graff writer named JA One and his crew XTC, because I had gone down there. He started talking about subway-dwelling cannibals who eat rats and anyone who lingers on an empty platform too long or wanders into the wrong tunnel. Freaked the shit out of me. Have you heard anything about these subway-dwelling cannibals or was this guy just fucking with me?

  2. Control says:

    Ah the old ‘CHUD’ story – cannibalistic humanoid under dwellers. For the origins of that myth, look up the movie by the same name. (There’s another movie called ‘midnight meat train’ that just as bad/ridiculous). There’s no real homeless population in the subway tunnels compared to the past.

    He was definitely fucking with you – and from the sounds of it, in a very weird way. ‘They’re looking for you’? And mentioning JA? That’s just weird. And creepy. But it’s an amazing story you get to retell people for years to come. 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    Haha yea it seemed a little ridiculous, but I figured I’d ask you what you had heard. I’ll check out CHUD. Thanks for your help 🙂

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