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Let’s fix NYC’s snow-filled crosswalk problem


Every time NYC is hit with a blizzard, the government does two things: 1) they plow all of the streets as quickly as they can and 2) they reopen mass transit as soon as possible. The third piece of the puzzle, clearing sidewalks and crosswalks, is seen as “not our problem” by our elected officials.

Views from the first Hunters Point South high rise


This building is known as “Hunters Point South Crossing”, and is located at 1-55 Borden Ave.

Views from the tallest building in Queens


Citibank building in 2015 (on the left), the top gets lost in the clouds on rainy days… I watched this building rise while growing up, and as the years passed, the itch to get to the top of it grew stronger.

The Montauk Cutoff


There has been a ton of talk lately about what will become of the Montauk Cutoff. While the future remains unknown, its past is surprisingly more interesting than has thus far been reported.

Jamaica Yard Leads & World’s Fair Connection


The tracks leading to Jamaica Yard under Queens Blvd. are a complex testament to the forward thinking applied to much of the construction of the old IND route lines.

Training Tunnel & Layup


Deep in South Brooklyn, there is a 4 track subway tunnel that is very familiar to anyone who has performed contract work for the MTA.

Church Avenue Subway Yard


Church avenue yard is one of very few underground NYC Subway Yards.

174th street Subway Yard


C train in the yard The 174th street subway yard is a cavernous space under Washington Heights that is currently used to store C trains.

137th street Subway Yard


The 137th street subway yard is one of the few subway yards built in NYC that is entirely underground.