Where subways go to sleep

Of Dust and Tails: an abandoned subway tunnel from a forgotten era.

Under Chinatown, there’s a stretch of mostly disused subway tunnel unlike any other in NYC. It is relatively poorly documented, not appearing on any publicly available subways maps.

The abandoned City Hall BMT station (Lower Level) – 2004

The abandoned lower level platform at City Hall is the only abandoned subway station in NYC that is used to store subway trains.

Grant Layup

Grant Layup is the unofficial name that graffiti writers placed on the provisional track space located between the Euclid and Grant avenue stations on the A line.

Jamaica Yard Leads & World’s Fair Connection

The tracks leading to Jamaica Yard under Queens Blvd. are a complex testament to the forward thinking applied to much of the construction of the old IND route lines.

Church Avenue Subway Yard

Church avenue yard is one of very few underground NYC Subway Yards.

174th street Subway Yard

C train in the yard The 174th street subway yard is a cavernous space under Washington Heights that is currently used to store C trains.

137th street Subway Yard

The 137th street subway yard is one of the few subway yards built in NYC that is entirely underground.

Abandoned 63rd street platform & Mezzanine, Circa 2004

An early morning walk, leading to never seen before discoveries.

Tomb of the Unnamed + Repent Tunnel

The end of this tunnel was once filled with the ashes of many unnamed victims. Ashes of those who met a horrid death that I watched with my own eyes and could smell and taste for days beyond. You don’t forget something like that, ever.