Straight active subway tunnel exploring action

Of Dust and Tails: an abandoned subway tunnel from a forgotten era.

Under Chinatown, there’s a stretch of mostly disused subway tunnel unlike any other in NYC. It is relatively poorly documented, not appearing on any publicly available subways maps.

James Connolly

“The day has passed for patching up the capitalist system; it must go.”

The ultimate gamble

A year ago, someone died on these tracks.


I only explore tunnels with Ninjas

Jamaica Yard Leads & World’s Fair Connection

The tracks leading to Jamaica Yard under Queens Blvd. are a complex testament to the forward thinking applied to much of the construction of the old IND route lines.

Training Tunnel & Layup

Deep in South Brooklyn, there is a 4 track subway tunnel that is very familiar to anyone who has performed contract work for the MTA.