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FR8 Chronicles 19 – Island Acid Drop

The problem with these god damned acid trains is that tanker cars ain’t got many tags…

Tomb of the Unnamed + Repent Tunnel

The end of this tunnel was once filled with the ashes of many unnamed victims. Ashes of those who met a horrid death that I watched with my own eyes and could smell and taste for days beyond. You don’t forget something like that, ever.

Today, many of those ashes have seeped away – lost in time and the ever flowing water that passes through the NYC subway system every day.

I’ve said too much about this aspect of the tunnel already, and yet, never enough. Words are rarely enough – so let’s move on.

This isn’t the only thing of interest in this tunnel.

The walls speak loudly of the beef between Ghost & RTW crew. A fine people of graffiti history that lives on today, decades after the fact.

The walls also speak the word of… someone. Someone with OCD. Someone who has scribbled the same word over and over along the walls for years. Someone clearly insane, who has probably spent a few too many hours in this darkness (then again, is that possible?).

That word?


In … [ read more ]

FR8 Chronicles 18 – Island Stomp 4

Pulp Fixion #17

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FR8 Chronicles 17 – Island Stomp 3

Pulp Fixion #16

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Fact: NYC’s Graffiti artists were the original U.S. “urban explorers”.

Occasionally we here at LTV get snarky, extremely ignorant comments tossed in our direction from ‘urban explorers’ for the ‘hideous’ crime of posting Graffiti related content to this site, and for having published 2 highly regarded books exclusively about NYC Graffiti, and a 3rd that covers both exploring and graffiti within NYC’s subway system. What these ‘urban explorers’ don’t realize is one clear simple fact:

NYC’s Graffiti artists were the original US ‘urban explorers’.

Now that I’ve said that – let me highlight one of the key words in that sentence: NYC. In Australia, ‘urban exploring’ is an outgrowth of the Cave Clan. In San Fran, it grew out of bridge climbers like John Law. In Paris, it was the cataphiles. In 1990s Minneapolis-St. Paul, you had the punk rawk might of Action Squad. … [ read more ]

The RKO Keith

The RKO Keith is one of NYC’s most infamous abandoned buildings.

Located at a main intersection in ‘downtown’ Flushing, Queens, The RKO Keith has stood abandoned and severely neglected for well over 20 years now – a fact that is almost surreal given its prime location and current real estate value (assessed at $2.5 Million in 2013 – Rated as worth $5.6 Million by PropertyShark – and recently sold for $30 Million).

Built in 1927, the theater originally opened as the ‘Keith Albee Vaudeville Theater, though it was soon simplified to ‘RKO Keith’. It cost $750,000 to build and it was run as a ‘subscription house’ – whereby patrons would acquire a subscription of season tickets.

Slowly the RKO Keith fell on hard times. According to the NY Times “…by … [ read more ]

New York Dock

Red Hook contained one of NYC’s tallest abandoned industrial buildings, with one of the best graffiti galleries and a rooftop view unparalleled in awesomeness. Today, it is being converted into apartments.

The New York Dock building at 160 Imlay street is one of two twin warehouse buildings. It was built in 1912 for the New York Dock Railway, and utilized for the storage of goods that came in via ship and were subsequently shipped out via truck and rail. (NY Dock was a railway with terminal tracks on the Brooklyn waterfront – those tracks came right up to the rear of this building).

As is often the case, Brownstoner has a nice writeup about this building’s history. The original tenant for this building was Montgomery Ward, the first mail order company in the united States (the … [ read more ]

FR8 Chronicles 16 – Island Stomp 2

Benching freights allllllll day.

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