Graffiti and Exploring in NYC have been joined at the hip since the very beginning. Graffiti writers explored tunnels to find trains to tag, and industrial areas for buildings to practice painting in.

While we document this relationship, we also specialize in following graffiti on NYC's freight trains and tracks - an aspect of the hobby that was virtually ignored by photographers and blogs until we released 'Brooklyn Queens Freight' and 'Yard Job NYC'.

FR8 Chronicles 49 – Chasing Garbage

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FR8 Chronicles 48 – That Queens Shit part 2. Pimp My Layup

FR8 Chronicles 47 – That Queens Shit part 1

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FR8 Chronicles 46 – Fuck Trump

Review: The Get Down

So Netflix dropped the first 6 episode of The Get Down last week, and I’m finally done watching them all. On a whole, I liked it – but there’s a lot to unpack here, and I’m going to do it without offering a whole lot of spoilers.
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FR8 Chronicles 45 – 3 Boxes of Detail

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FR8 Chronicles 44 – Hoodside

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FR8 Chronicles 43 – Bird Layup

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Book Review: Probation Vacation: Lost In Asia by Utah & Ether

This book is a must have for transit vandals, and a ‘you should probably get this’ for those interested in transit systems and exploring.
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Brooklyn’s Abandoned 68th and 75th Police Stations

Along the dark edges of Brooklyn lay two abandoned and derelict police stations. Their fate is, as of this writing, completely uncertain.
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