Non-Subway Tunnel Exploring

Everyone loves subway tunnels, but we've been to plenty other tunnels around NYC and elsewhere...

Croton Aqueduct: NYC’s longest abandoned tunnel.

NYC’s first major water supply came from a aqueduct tunnel that was abandoned in 1955

East New York Freight Tunnel

Back before the internet, I noticed a rail line on some maps that just plain disappeared at one point, and reemerged at another. The only way to know why was to go…

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (aka Cobble Hill Tunnel)

The Atlantic Avenue tunnel is so well known that it barely needs an introduction. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is the oldest subway tunnel in the world. Built by the LIRR in 1844, it was only used until 1861. There’s all kinds of stories of authorities looking for spies and German bomb makers in […]

Drain Sheperds

The LTV Goon Squad is now enforcing the international ban on draining.

Freedom Tunnel

A retrospect of the last 20 years.

Ninja Night around the McCarren Diving Pool Tunnel

Just for fun, here’s a quick run around the tunnel looping around the bottom of what was the diving pool. Acoustics down here are really something. The ‘Ninja’s’ tag is from the 1980s. Not sure who wrote ‘1950’ on the wall next to it but it’s a safe assumption that given it’s style and the […]