NYC Industrial Ruins

Over the last 20 years, we have made a point of exploring every abandoned factory, warehouse and industrial related location within NYC. Here is a sampling of some of these locations, including photos and in depth histories (where possible).

The Queens Subway Lofts: a Montauk Cutoff freight customer that never was.

The curious case of the building and miniature railroad that never was.

Former location of Shine Electronics, LIC.

History Constructed around 1950, this industrial building was located at 11th street and 46th ave – right across the street from the print shop that was recently demolished and replaced with condos.

Staten Island Boat Graveyard and it’s newest abandoned neighbor

The Staten Island boat grave needs no introduction. What was once an obscure, unknown corner of NYC’s most neglected borough gained plenty of internet fame over the last 15 years.

Update on 9321, The ‘abandoned’ locomotive

4 years ago we posted about an abandoned locomotive, a 1950s era neglected engine buried deep behind rows of freight cars at a local bustling yard. This locomotive still exists, and is looking worse than ever.

Zexor’s Gas

“OMFG lookit’ deez LTV guys exploring gas stations WTF!”

The Philip T Feeney Tugboat, Staten Island NY

In 2003, myself and Rebel SC were out poking around the north shore of Staten Island, when we came across the abandoned Philip T Feeney tugboat.

Coffee Bean Castle

We’ve been spoiling you all lately with posts full of deep location research and explicit details, so it’s time for a post that leaves everything to the imagination.

New York Dock

Red Hook contained one of NYC’s tallest abandoned industrial buildings, with one of the best graffiti galleries and a rooftop view unparalleled in awesomeness. Today, it is being converted into apartments.